Week 77

Hey everyone!

So this week I felt my first earthquake! Friday night we had one
during planning, it was a pretty big one. From what I heard it was a
5.1 in La Habra, just 3 cities south of us. Our apartment shook, and
we are on the second floor so it probably just made it seem even
bigger. H Covington and I stopped planning for a second, she was a bit
freaked out, “Ahh, hey what was that? What’s happening?” I was super
excited, “Earthquake!! Our first earthquake in California! Yeah!!”
Then we high-fived. It was sweet. The apartment shook slightly for the
next few minutes. One of the mirrors which was propped up against the
wall kept bouncing for awhile. Then Saturday we were in our apartment
again during the day for studies when it happened again. That one
wasn’t as strong, it just made the building slightly shake. I think
that one was a 4ish earthquake in east LA. Sweet.

Last night we had a lesson with Fidel where we watched a Mormon.org
video, tried to convince him that we are normal people. He thinks we
are not allowed to do anything apparently, like he thought we couldn’t
go to Disneyland or go to parties. Yeah, ok. I even showed him
pictures of myself on Facebook to prove that I had a life and did
things. During the lesson I even told him to go ahead and stalk me on
Facebook… I’ve never invited anyone to do that before, especially
not on my mission. Fidel is just funny, really just needs to get
baptized! He just has all these weird reasons that are holding him
back, but they’re all not true, he’s freaking out about them. It’s
just making me laugh and roll my eyes.

On Saturday we went to the women’s conference. It was really great! I
loved how much they talked about covenants. Until I became a
missionary I never understood their importance. I still don’t think I
fully understand their importance but I see it so much more. Nobody
can have eternal life without having made covenants, covenants done by
someone holding the proper authority. It was also cool seeing all the
little girls there. It meant they talked about not just keeping
covenants we’ve made, but preparing for more. It made me even more
excited for general conference!

Well in other news I am at 18 months in 3 days. Wow! And just 2 more
weeks to go. I love it here and I don’t want to leave! I’m just going
to live it up!

Love you all!
Hermana Laura Johnson


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