Week 75

Hey family and friends!

This week has been another good week as always.

Elodia is great! There’s been such a big change in her over the time
we’ve taught her. The elders ran into her last week (the ones who
started teaching her) and she told them that she just loves us now,
she loves what she’s learning. That was way cool! At the beginning she
was super scared about everything but now it’s starting to make sense
to her, doesn’t scare her. She came to our lesson on Tuesday filled
with questions about the restoration. She kept telling us it’s so
believable–the fact there were witnesses who saw the Book of Mormon
as plates, that he and others even died for it. Hearing that made an
impression on her. She told us how much she wants to read, it’s really
cool. We really enjoy teaching her now!

We also taught Martha. We went over the baptismal questions with her.
She’s prepared for it, she just has to make the decision. She knows
it’s true and everything. She told us that he Holy Ghost just helps
her feel confident. She didn’t know how her mom Matilde could be so
sure but now she says she feels the same way, she just knows and she’s
sure of it. She said she had a test last week, she prayed before, she
felt the same confidence about the test, that all would be well. I
just love hearing experiences of how the gospel helps regular, every
day happenings!

Saturday we had a ward party. We played monkey in the middle while we
were waiting for people to show up. It was fun with the missionaries
and the little kids. When any of the missionaries were in the middle
it was hard to throw over them, get it to the kids. On time, it led to
me being hit in the head, also because I can’t catch, it just hit me
smack dab on the forehead. We just laughed about it. The next throw,
one of the little girls threw the ball and it didn’t get very much
height. It hit H Covington right above her ear at full speed. At that
we just left, we were done playing! We laughed until we cried about
it. Then the dinner came, it was sad but hardly anyone came! That’s
one thing I wish we could improve, attendance of activities, but all
the members are so busy.

That’s about it for today! I’m getting back to relaxing! Have a good week!

Hermana Laura Johnson


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