Week 74

Hey everyone! So this week it’s definitely been sunny! Hello summer!
Last night I got a sun burn with a line from my bag’s strap– it looks
weird. I can’t believe it’s only March!

What else. H Covington and I are rocking it in Covina! As always… We
just love it here. Monday night we could barely make it past our
lesson, we were almost asleep during it. We could barely plan for
Tuesday, we fell asleep right after planning, like I pretty much
rolled into bed I could hardly do anything. We were SO exhausted from
moving and grocery shopping, the heat, and especially cleaning our
nasty apartment. But it’s no longer nasty so I guess that is a good

We had a good lesson with Martha! She’s reading and learning and loves
it all. We taught her more in depth about the plan of salvation. She
absolutely loves it, it’s really cool, I don’t think I’ve ever taught
anyone so excited about it before, she wants to know as much as she
can. Since she understands it it so well, she also is doing the acting
part of it– we have to live in accordance with it. She’s progressing,
doing it all pretty much, except she unfortunately didn’t realize the
time changed so she didn’t go to church this week, even though she was
super excited to go. But we’re excited for her to keel progressing!

We went to the market and talked to some crazy people. Yeah. We were
asked to go picket to stop abortion… It was an interesting
conversation. The lady told us she has shirts for it! It’s of Jesus
holding a baby still in the womb. She showed us in the parking lot, it
was strange. That’s not to say we like abortion, actually it’s totally
the opposite. We do not believe in abortion, unless there is a dire
situation for the baby or mother, or if there was a rape or incest. We
just don’t believe that picketing is a very good idea is all. There
are better ways to solve problems.

We started teaching a guy Oscar on Facebook! It’s a little different.
My favorite part was after we taught how Jesus gave his authority to
his apostles. Oscar asked if that is why lending a helping hand can be
so powerful. Uhh we had no idea how to respond to that, it took us 5
minutes to respond. We had no idea to tie that into authority, and the

Elodia is doing well. We had time to do service– we trimmed her trees
and she was so thankful she took us out to eat. We’re getting to enjoy
her company more and more. She’s such a sweet lady who really tries
hard. She’s finally started the Book of Mormon with real intent! That
was a lot of progress! She got confused by the names so we gave her a
list of people and who they are. She’s definitely going to get it a
lot more now! I really want to see her progress, she really wants it
more and more every day. She finally understands the plan of salvation
and isn’t scared! She enjoys the gospel now!!

We had our six week training meeting. It was fun to have one on one
time with president. We talked about planning, then we asked
questions. My question was about repentance, how in depth we need to
go. We need to make sure everyone we teach knows why and how we
repent. It was cool because this week I was able to use those same
exact scriptures with Fidel. He didn’t realize the difference between
big and small sins, didn’t think he’s done much wrong. We shared with
him how even those small things can be repented of. Because he gets it
more, baptism is more and more important for him, he really sees the
big picture how it will help him get salvation. It is always fun
teaching him!

And we drove the zone leaders car to the meeting, to go to the doctor.
It was funny first to see the ninja I put in one of my cars, then the
cd they had. It was super girly, and we laughed along to it the whole
time going home. Oh elders!

Well I think that’s about everything. Since I don’t have time
constraints, I now put way too much on here! Hopefully you all enjoy
it at least!

Hermana Laura JohnsonImage


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