Week 73

Hey everyone!

Onto another week, another transfer. This is actually my last one.
Eeeeeek! And today I’m 17 months in the mission. Ahhhhh! That is just
crazy. I don’t even know. It’s weird to think about but it is bound to

Tuesday night was a little crazy. H Quezada got a call that she would
be opening another area in Covina but roaming or covering the whole
ward. Usually they don’t just tell you that, they told us because
she’ll also be training! Oh man. She started freaking out while H
Covington and I high fived and laughed. We’re staying together! And
I’ll be finishing in Covina. Yeah! So we are super excited! It’s going
to be awesome!

We had an awesome lesson with Fidel and Martha. Fidel was showing some
doubts and Martha just started combating them with her own thoughts.
She said that he was unsure, and she was too but for different
reasons. She said that she knew it was true, then she thought about it
and wondered why she was so unsure about baptism if she knows it’s
true. That was pretty cool, she resolved some of her own concerns.

It rained a lot on Friday, and Saturday. We had some funny
experiences. We got picked up by members and we got helped out so
much. We didn’t bring umbrellas for Saturday…. oh man that was just
bad. One of the members asked if I wanted to blow dry my hair at her
house haha, I did because it was so wet.

We had a lunch with Elodia at hometown buffet. One of the members took
us and it was so much fun! We showed up expecting her to have made
something but she had her coat on and off we went. I really enjoyed
myself, it was super unexpected and there was a lot of random things
that went on she told us a lot of funny stories. Like how her husband
couldn’t even speak Spanish but they somehow made it work, they got
married. Hna Tovar told us how her husband was 17 when they started
dating, and she was a little older. That made us laugh. We just loved
it. I laughed the whole time.

Right after we ran into the chase building to get money on our bus
cards. It closed at 2 and it was a minute to 2. We ran in and the
elevator was messed up. And they don’t have stairs!? It wouldn’t go to
the second floor, we were playing with the buttons and hit 4. And up
we went. At the fourth floor we saw stairs and we went in. We ran down
to the second floor but the problem was you had to have a code to get
through the door. We freaked out, how would we get out?! All the
floors had those! I ran to the bottom floor, luckily the bottom floor
let out. And then we waited for the elevator guy to fix it. But
someone told us the office was closed that day. So all that craziness
for nothing. It was a hilarious 2 minutes though!

And the baptism. Another crazy one with the kids of record this time.
Esther’s kids were ok. I stood guard over the piano. The baptism
itself went smoothly. Then they showed a movie, not a church movie so
H Covington and I left the room, then we had to tell H Quezada not to. Watch either.

That was funny. We couldn’t even watch the movie at the baptism! Love, Hermana Laura Johnson Image


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