Week 72


So the best weeks are always those that end with baptisms! And so last
week was super great!

We saw Esther and Brianna and the grandkids a few times. We stopped by
Friday to finish teaching her about obeying the law. Brianna was
getting super excited for her baptism! We had a lesson that was far
away walking distance, for the first time, she offered to drive us! We
had no idea how we were getting there but it all worked out. We went
back Saturday and Brianna told us she wanted to wear all white for her
baptism, yes a white jumpsuit! She was excited to get everything
ready. We bought her a white flower headband to complete the look. She
was so cute, beautiful for her baptism! Esther was so cute too. She
invited one of the older grandsons to come to the baptism, she said
“just this once, the baptism is a one time thing” but then she looked
at us and said “but we’ll get him to come back, it just starts with
one time!” It was precious. Someone called her while we were there and
she invited them as well, she was just so excited.

Sunday was so special. The baptism was super small- only the elders,
Brianna’s family, the bishop, and the ward mission leader were there.
It was perfect because it would have been crazy with more people (see
pictures). Brianna was super hilarious, she told us she looked like a
marshmallow. We just had the songs, prayers, a musical number, the
baptism, and we gave her a picture frame with a picture of Jesus.
While she was changing I played the piano. I was super surprised
because the kids were pretty quiet. I was really amazed by them, I’ve
seen such a change in them since I first started teaching them. They
were crazy but not that much. At the end Esther repeated to us a few
times, “estoy bien contenta, bien happy.” Esther was so proud of
Brianna and her decision. We could just see it in every smile. I am so
proud of Esther and her family! And I can’t wait for Jayda’s baptism
next week! Seriously, I just love them, they’ve changed a lot. Seeing
people change is the best thing in the world. Brianna said that she
felt really good when she was baptized, when she receives the Holy
Ghost next week it will be able to stay with her forever!

We had a funny relief society activity. We played games the funniest
one was where everyone had a jug on their head and their partner tried
tomorrow a ping pong ball in the jug. I was with H Covington and she
just laughed and was scared that I would hit her in the face. Of our 5
tries each, neither of us made any. It was a funny game. We also did
the balloon game where everyone tries to pop the balloons tied to
everyone else’s legs. Hna Pelayo pretended to not be playing then
jumped in and she did some yoga and put her leg up on the chairs and
table so nobody could pop it. It was so funny.

Last night we had a lesson with Fidel, the husband of our recent
convert. He told us that he doesn’t feel ready for his baptismal date
which was set for next Sunday. So we’re going to move it. He has come
to church almost every Sunday and he reads, he just hasn’t felt it
100%. We asked if he’s prayed about Joseph smith and he has, but never
with full intent, listening for his answer. He was telling us how
excited he was for baptism and he understood the restoration when we
taught his daughter that we thought he was feeling it more than he
actually is. It’s ok though, he’s still very committed to church and
reading until he gets his answer. We will just wait a little longer.

Today has been fun already. We explored in IKEA for an hour and yes we
took lots of funny pictures. And we are currently in Johnny Carinos!
Yes!! I found one here in West Covina, and I definitely had to take
advantage of it! I’m currently enjoying an Italian soda and bread
dipped in olive oil and herbs… Delicious.

As always other stuff happened but I don’t really remember what… And
that’s the most important anyways. Have a good week!

Hermana Laura Johnson



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