Week 71

Oh hey there! It’s me, writing from my iPad mini! Yeah it’s great.
Pday is so quick now, we can just write whenever through the day. It’s
the best. I love having this iPad! The bad thing is that I can’t send
pictures… So we might go to the library sometimes to send pictures.
We’ll see.

So this was such a great week. First up-iPads! We were there when
Elder Evans from the head of the missionary department came. He talked
to us about Adam and Eve and how they had to decide to act. We can’t
just wait for things to happen, we must act and act well. They ate of
the fruit, that was their act. Eve really had to understand heavenly
fathers plan to be able to make the first decision, and it was
interesting that Adam didn’t. He had to have it explained to him by
Eve and it was the only option at that point to keep them together.
With technology there is so much we have to decide on, what websites
to go on, who to talk to, what to share etc. We must use technology
for only the best things. That’s why we have them as missionaries,
because they can be used for so much good. Sharing the gospel has
never been easier! I invite anyone reading to share something online
with your friends and family. It will help to prepare the hearts of

The best part was exchanges. I just love those normally and this one
was especially great, because I went to Rimgrove, my first area! It
was cool being back, it’s been so long. Planning was interesting since
it was on our brand new iPads and because I actually knew what they
were talking about. We started the day by face booking. Then we went
to see someone I taught, Victor! That was so weird! He moved but they
got his address from him from on the bus. Just another reason why the
buses are awesome, so inspired. We taught a new investigator, the
father of one person they’re teaching right now. His name was Jose. He
said he wasn’t interested but it wasn’t true. In our lesson he told us
he’s been searching for the truth and he thinks this could be it. It
was a very spiritual lesson and it was way cool. We had a lesson after
that with Juan 2! We were supposed to teach his niece but she wasn’t
home so we just taught him. It was cool, he remembered it all
perfectly. It was so good to see him, it was a total surprise for him,
the smile didn’t wipe off either of our faces.

Briana, Esther’s granddaughter is getting baptized next week! They’ve
come to church pretty regularly the entire time I’ve been in Covina so
it’s about time. Briana will be next Sunday and Jayda, her 8 year old
sister will be the next week. The baptism will be really different
because she wants the fewest number of people there as possible. So
that means her family, the bishop, an elder to baptize her, one to
witness. We’ll probably just have a prayer and the beginning and end
and two songs. I’m so excited for it!

I may not be from the tribe of Manasseh but I did have a dream last
night that could have been revelation! I dreamed that our little trio
was walking around when I had the impression that we needed to stop
and pray to meet a family with some non members, and that isn’t on the
ward list. Well were now praying for it so I hope something comes out
of it!

Well that’s all for this week!

Love, Hermana Laura Johnson


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