Week 70

Hello everyone!!
It has been another great week and there is another amazing week ahead!
First up, is iPads tomorrow!! I’m really excited about that one. We’re going to have everything online–our planners, area books, sheets for the ward, our scriptures, everything! That means we’re going to have really light bags now which is great! No more back aches from carrying everything with us. Also it means that online prostelysing will explode! It’s going to be great.
We had some really great lessons with Fidel. He is reading a lot, he read 8 chapters from Friday to Sunday. We taught him about tithing, he said that he would definitely pay it. He said that if he’s doing this whole Mormon thing he’s doing all of it. I just loved that answer. And we had a lesson with Matilde’s brother, his family, and Brenda, Fidel, Matilde. We taught Brenda the restoration, finally! Her question was not if Joseph Smith was a prophet, but why he was a prophet, why God called him. We can see that she is very receptive to the gospel! She’s also so sweet, she’s such a great girl.
On Friday we got to clean the Mission office. That was fun! We just cleaned the kitchen, then we went to Dennys for dinner! I got delicious cinnamon pancakes that tasted like cinnamon rolls. Then we got to the ward movie night a little late. We watched the testaments. It was really cool, it’s when Christ went to the Americas. Matilde really enjoyed it, now she wants a copy. Love it.
Actually not a lot of interesting things happened. That’s it. So sorry. Maybe next week!
Hermana Laura Johnson
Ps. Pictures of me matching H Quezada, and me with a Rimgrove member, Hna Garcia!

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