Week 69

Hello Everyone!
This week was a good. I’ll just start with the most exciting thing, we saw a car burn yesterday. It was on fire and it was crazy! Sadly I can’t put in the video because it’s too big, but it was crazy! There was an explosion of stuff, we drove away (in a member’s car) because we didn’t want to be in the way if something bad happened. Later the member texted us saying that the car was melted. Crazy!
Fidel, the husband of our recent convert is going well. He has a baptismal date and is very excited. He is listening to the BOM and he enjoys it. We had 3 lessons with him this week, every day this weekend. They are so funny! We love spending time with them. We taught the 10 commandments, and we taught about chastity. We told him what it meant and he joked saying he didn’t know if he was married. Matilde just looked at him and rolled her eyes, and he convienently remembered haha.  He’s gone to church 3 times now, and we really see his faith! He is starting to meet the members of the ward and is friendly with them. He is fitting in really well, and we’re excited for March 2nd with him. 
Another investigator is set for baptism soon. He really wants to be baptized and everything, has a testimony but he hasn’t come to church yet. Weird things keep happening to him like his alarm not going off, him waking up sick at 2 AM etc. We really hope it is soon though. He had to ask of Sundays from work, and he got them off, so we know he really has the desires and faith. It’s just hard that he hasn’t come yet.
We went to a diner called the Sugar Bowl (like in Arthur). It was really delicious. And it’s also super famous. There was a movie made there called Pop Jenks Sugar Bowl or something like that. 
We had some sad times this week as well. We taught a lady Rosie the restoration. She loved it, almost cried! We went back a couple days later to teach her about the Book of Mormon, and she told us her husband told her she couldn’t study with us anymore! It was only the second time we saw her! It was so sad, she told us she really felt it but just couldn’t keep with us. We did end up teaching the Book of Mormon and giving her a copy so she can keep reading. Then Friday came, we had a lesson planned with Marisela, our investigator that cried during the first vision. She told us the same thing. Her husband doesn’t like it, the only difference is that he is a less active!! That was really sad as well.
We went to the doctor with H Covington to find out what is wrong with her arm. The doctor said that it is not a fracture that they can see but there was some fluid, (which comes from breaks) that was by her elbow. They said that she probably has a small fracture that didn’t come up on the x-ray but it’s not that big so she doesn’t have to wear a cast. She just has a sling for when her arm hurts, she can rest it. So we’re busing everywhere! It’s really fun, but is also hard. I am just loving this area though! Covina rocks! Also it’s my 16 month mark!!! Ahhh
Hermana Laura Johnson



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