Week 68

Hola mis amigos!

Can you say exciting week?? Seriously. Tuesday we picked up our new Hermana. Her name is Hermana Covington, and she’s 19 and she’s from St. George, Utah. We are super excited to have her! She graduated in 2013 so that’s super crazy! Now I feel old! We get along really well, all 3 of us, it’s been super fun already!
The most interesting thing of the week was biking on Friday. It was our first day biking as a trio, and H Covington’s first time riding in a skirt. Well, it didn’t go super well. We made it just fine to an appointment, but after the appointment we tried biking elsewhere. H Covington was a little close to the side, hit a brick wall, and her bike stopped but she didn’t. She fell forward onto her arm, her head actually hit the ground too, but luckily she had her helmet on. We thought it wasn’t too bad and got a few streets away by bike. After that we had to stop, we called a ton of people and figured out what we needed to do–go to the clinic! So we called the zone leaders and they came to pick us up. They actually just took us to our house so we could get our car… then we got to the clinic and Hna Siu was there waiting for us with In-n-out. After an hour or so, we got in, got x-rays, and found out that the radiologist who reads the x-rays wasn’t in, but would be on Monday. So no conclusion then, but she got it wrapped up, just in case.
We’re teaching this lady who we think is a little crazy. She is scared of the spirit world, pre-earth life, baptisms for the dead (we didn’t even want to get into that!) so many things. A member went to pick her up. Well, she told her no when she got to her house… That was annoying. She wants to go to the English ward, so we might just let her! It’s like pulling teeth!
On the other side of things, Fidel, Matilde’s husband, and Matilde are both going well. He came to church, enjoyed it a lot. Matilde got the Holy Ghost! Somehow Anthony, didn’t scream during the ordinance. He cried silently to himself on the floor which was a miracle!
Basically, things are moving along just fine here. H Covington is learning Spanish and is doing well in spite of the circumstances. We are learning to use the buses a lot better! It’s great! I just love being a missionary. I just have so much happiness sharing the gospel. I love the gospel so much and I have grown my testimony so much as I’ve been here. I know that as we go out, we can change people’s lives forever and I find so much joy in it, that can never be taken away.
Hermana Laura Johnson

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