Week 67

Surprise suprise! Hermana Quezada and I are staying together! Transfer 4 in Covina for me! And the biggest surprise of all? We are about to be proud parents! That’s right, a brand new missionary is coming tomorrow and we’re the two trainers! Trio training, again! Things are about to get crazy around here. The English sisters are moving back in so… 5 pad! Man, that will be nuts!

We were headed off to interviews with President Becerra when we got the call from the APs. We thought it was something like the interviews were delayed. Nope. “Hermana Johnson and Hermana Quezada You have been called as trainers!” “What…? What do you mean training….?” “You will be training a new missionary who will be coming in on Tuesday.” “Training? Together?” “Yes.” As soon as we hung up the shock just came out of me. “Uhhhhhhhh, training? That can’t be right. I thought I was leaving Covina for sure… I’m staying!!!” I just love Covina, so it’s a good thing! It’s great, to have a new missionary. It was a shock though! Missionary life always keeps you on your toes for sure!
The husband (Fidel) of our newly baptized convert (Matilde) really felt the spirit at the baptism. He says that he doesn’t get it, doesn’t know it but we have taught him the restoration twice (one month apart). We reviewed it yesterday because their 15 year old daughter Brenda was there, and he answered a lot of the questions to help her get it, he really does know. We really feel that he will get baptized very soon, in the next month or so. It is very exciting. 
At church there was this weird broadcast for stake conference. There were apostles speaking, and some women from the General Relief Society presidency. There was a story of a woman who baptized 14 of her friends and family within a year of her conversion. Matilde loved that story. In the lesson we had with the family, she counted out loud the number of people in her family who could be baptized-6. Fidel and Brenda were a little shocked to hear her plans for them, but they took it well. We laughed, she definitely has the vision for them. We just have to teach them the doctrine so they can catch the vision too, and we are excited to do so.
Also at stake conference I got to see people from Rimgrove!!! It was the first time since May of last year that I’ve seen Oswald. Seriously, it was one of the best parts of the week, and of the last few months. I loved it!! He’s doing great, preparing to go to the temple. Awesome.
Also we had an awesome lesson with investigators of the English Elders… yeah they really speak Spanish so we got to do a pass-over lesson and teach them. They are awesome though! They all went to church at the English ward last week, and a translator helped. One of them came yesterday, she had so many questions! Questions about food storage, the gift of tongues, baptisms for the dead. Pretty much everything except the restoration and the Book of Mormon… well, we’re going to help her by teaching doctrine!
Thanks for everything!! I hope everyone has a good week!
Hermana Laura Johnson

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