Week 66

Hello everyone!

Here’s a picture of Matilde who got baptized yesterday. It was a beautiful baptism. Her whole family was there supporting her, and her brother (a member of our ward) and his family supported them as well. Her sister in law spoke, and it was with so much love, sincerity, it was beautiful. During the service, we had a musical number- H Quezada sang, while I played the piano. The spirit was just so strong. Then the actual baptism. Hno Siu, one of the counselors in the bishopric baptized her. He was so honored, it was great hearing about it from him.

Her husband totally felt the spirit, during the service. Afterwards he pointed at some of the pictures on his phone, told us he would be standing in her place next time. So, pretty much he has the vision, and we do too! So he probably will be the next one of their family! We’ve taught him a few different times, he just doesn’t get it just yet. He definitely will though, he really has the desire, especially after the baptism! I just can’t wait until this family goes to the temple together. It will be amazing. The closing hymn was Families can be Together Forever. It really is true! I am way excited for them!
Also this week, we had a lesson with a referral from someone we met off the street. Turns out it was an amazing referral. The referral was for Marisela, as we talked to her we found out her husband and most of his family are members, they’re just less active. Our lesson was amazing, we taught the restoration and she cried during the first vision! She felt the spirit so strong. We saw her a second time to teach about the Book of Mormon, which she loves already! And we gave her a baptismal date of February 16th. She definitely can make it. In her prayer she wanted to know if this is what she’s been looking for for so long. It was beautiful. She has a lot of real intent, and is very humble. I am very excited to see the progress of her and hopefully her family!
After the baptismal interview on Friday we went to Ihop with a gift card. We were really excited for it, it’s not often we go to a nice restaurant in this area. Well turns out some very nice person paid for our dinner! I just love being a missionary. Really, not for the free food (although that’s nice), but because we really can see the blessings of God all around us. They are really abundant if we have the vision to see them! I just know God is blessing that person. And I love this area, the people here in Covina are so humble and prepared! I see it everyday!
Love you!
Hermana Laura Johnson
PS. I deleted a lot of family from facebook, I’m sorry. If I want an iPad I had to do it. And I do want one (in the next 3-4 weeks!!!). I can still be friends with some family, especially if you speak Spanish. You can help me! You can help comment on things that I post or repost them for you Spanish speaking friends.



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