Week 64

Hello!! Happy New Year!!

So looks like I don’t have much time to write. Like no time at all! Luckily I have nothing to say. Even though it was Christmas, not that much happened.
Christmas was super fun! Christmas Eve was really when we celebrated. We ate dinner with a family in the ward and and chicken and potatoes and ponche (a traditional hot drink filled with fruit, literally translates to punch). H Quezada is all about living up the hispanic traditions so we opened 1 gift each (instead of all of them) on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day we got to skype with family. We also ate with Raul the recent convert and his family. Even though they moved, we were allowed to go over to their area. 
Matilde has finally, 100% committed to the 12th of January for baptism. I am so excited for her! Her husband and her daughter Martha are going to be next I’m sure of it!
Also, if anyone didn’t know… I’m on facebook! Kinda. I have to clean it up, get rid of anything I shouldn’t have on there (but mainly it’s things I’m embarrassed about or dumb things). And I can only use it for proselyting purposes. I don’t know exactly what that entails just yet but I will soon. So I’m online, but I won’t be posting anything just yet.
We had a really awesome lesson with the girlfriend of a less active. It was cool. She felt the spirit really strong. Then the boyfriend asked, “Que paso?” (what happened). It was super funny, he wasn’t feeling it, wasn’t paying much attention. But oh well.
Today we went slack-lining. It’s a line between two trees, you try to walk across it. I couldn’t do it very well, but then again, none of us really could except E Wandry, he’s super good! He looks like a monkey when he does it, and he’s practiced for a long time. He can even do tricks. It made for some funny pictures of me and my companion!
Well have a good week!
Hermana Laura Johnson

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