Week 63

After all there’s only one more sleep ’til Christmas! (I think I may have used that last year… wow one year already!)

Hello everyone! It’s been a hard week. Things have been crazy! One of the English sisters we live with went home so she could overcome some health problems. So we got to say goodbye, that was hard. She’ll come back to the mission soon enough though, I know it.

Our cute investigator Matilde got us presents! The people here are just so sweet! You can tell they love the gospel when they go out of their way to help us. We had a really good lesson with her last night as we went over the baptismal interview questions. She really got it, answered them without hesitation, she truly has a testimony. I just love to see it!

We have some other awesome investigators! Maria, Mario, Jaqueline we saw on Friday and they gave us cinnamon raisin bread from Panera :), a ride home with their truck for our bikes and they gave us a referral and we contacted it with them. They’re awesome! People really see the blessings of the gospel. The gospel changes people. It truly does! We taught the restoration in 20 minutes, and after the prayer we waited for them to feel the spirit testify to them. Well Mario about cried, it was amazing. I know that Jaqueline felt it, even though she didn’t say anything, she just loves it and is super willing to do things.

We had our Christmas party. It was so much fun decorating! We didn’t do that much but it was enough to make it Christmasy. At the party it was a dinner, and a play. The play was kind of boring until Anthony, Matilde’s son climbed right up on the stage! H Quezada tried to take him to the side, he did go with her for a second, but she got distracted and let go of his hand and he went back on. There was a couch mid-stage and he just sat down on it. Everyone was laughing, it was so funny. Matilde was embarrassed but I kept telling her that the play lacked humor, it brightened everyone’s mood. We all thought it ended on a good note. We were able to give her, and her family a tour at the party, show them the baptismal font, it was really good. We just are working on Fidel, the husband now to get him on board!

We are teaching a new family who really needs the gospel. We tried to teach them in 20 minutes but it didn’t work so much. Their lives and their stories come pouring out, so that’s really hard! But I know they’ll get baptized soon, they just need the Holy Ghost! 

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Hermana Laura Johnson



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