Week 62

Hi everyone!
This week has been good. We started teaching a new family! We got a referral off someone off the street awhile back, the guy wasn’t interested but the sister and her kids were. It turns out they have family who are members in Palmdale. So that is pretty sweet! They had a lot of questions since he had never shared what it is that we believe. It is really cool that we get to help them. There were a lot of really random things that happened which distracted us. Their cat actually bit me during the lesson! And random people were yelling outside, and the clock went off, and her phone went off a million times! Satan was working really hard. They are pretty solid so we’re really excited.

We had the mission party. It was way fun! Sadly I don’t have pictures today from it. It was H LaPierre’s last week! She’s my first companion who is finished, I can’t believe it! We also learned how to teach in 20 minutes using the pamphlets. It’s mostly questions, the point is to not overwhelm anyone. I like it so far, we have to teach it more!

We had a funny experience in Burger King. A lady I met my first week in Covina came up to us and told us some interesting information about someone we had visited. She told us that they live in a dangerous neighborhood, not to visit them. She told us that we should avoid a lot of places (like Walmart). She gave us toffee, and tried to give us pants from her car (we don’t wear pants so we denied those!). H Quezada was so confused! I was even confused, I couldn’t place her for a couple of minutes. It was so funny talking to her!

Sorry it’s short this week! I’ll write more later (or not!).

Hermana Johnson


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