Week 60

Hello everyone!
Guess what? I’m at 1 year in California on Wednesday! It’s just downhill from here. I can’t believe it! Time is just flying!
The family we’re teaching is super solid! Seriously. The mom came to church on Sunday, practically felt like a member. Last week we taught her, helped her feel the spirit during the lesson. We asked how she felt, said, “Me siento raro,” (I feel weird) then cried. Later we clarified it was actually a good weird. We taught her whole family yesterday with the mom’s brother’s family there since they’re all members. It just worked out really well. Really strong spirit present. They don’t have baptismal dates at the moment, but they will soon! The mom told us she already knows it’s true. It was amazing!
Our less active Juanita is doing good. She came to church with her whole family, and is reading the Book of Mormon. She’s reading in Alma now! What the! That’s a few hundred pages in just a couple weeks. She’s almost completely active now!
Our other less actives that we’ve been working with are almost fully active as well. Esther with her 7 grandkids has come to church weekly for the last month. She may not stay very long, but it is amazing. Their family has changed a lot, she has too. The gospel changes people! People can become way more than they are right now if they base their life in the gospel of Jesus Christ, reach their full potential.
We found, taught, were dropped by a guy Ramon this last week. We met Tuesday, taught him Wednesday and Friday, on Friday he dropped us. We taught the Restoration both days to help him understand more about it, he complained that we don’t teach enough about Christ, we aren’t focused out of the Bible. Oh well. It was a really fast turn over! The member we took to our lesson on Friday was hilarious. She picked us up, was a few minutes late. Over the phone she just yelled, “I’M LATE!” in a panicked, frantic voice. It was hilarious.
Thanksgiving was this last week! It was pretty good. We ate with the Siu family (see pictures). It was so amazing. There were so many people there! We just had so much fun. I ate some of everything except for pie! There was a variety of everything–salad, egg salad, pasta salad, macaroni salad, potatoes, turkey, pork, chicken etc. The Chinese family next door brought a whole chick for us which was super nice, unexpected. Then we ate with Raul Cerros and his family at 8 PM. Oh man, we were stuffed. I could hardly eat that second dinner! 
Friday we went to the temple visitor’s center with the ward. It was supposed to be a missionary activity, but nobody brought friends, not too many came (probably because it was the day after Thanksgiving). But we had fun, we got to see the lights which was a first for me here. It was the first day they were lit up so it was a fun experience.
Also we contacted a French guy this week since H Davis speaks French pretty well. It was super random. I could pick out a few words because they’re similar in Spanish but I was no help. It took me back to my first week on my mission when I had no idea how to speak Spanish! He said he wants a Book of Mormon in Arabic however, since he speaks it fluently as well. It was definitely a strange experience. I never thought I would be hearing French on my mission!
Well I hope everyone has a good week!
Hermana Laura JohnsonImage

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