Week 64

Hello!! Happy New Year!!

So looks like I don’t have much time to write. Like no time at all! Luckily I have nothing to say. Even though it was Christmas, not that much happened.
Christmas was super fun! Christmas Eve was really when we celebrated. We ate dinner with a family in the ward and and chicken and potatoes and ponche (a traditional hot drink filled with fruit, literally translates to punch). H Quezada is all about living up the hispanic traditions so we opened 1 gift each (instead of all of them) on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day we got to skype with family. We also ate with Raul the recent convert and his family. Even though they moved, we were allowed to go over to their area. 
Matilde has finally, 100% committed to the 12th of January for baptism. I am so excited for her! Her husband and her daughter Martha are going to be next I’m sure of it!
Also, if anyone didn’t know… I’m on facebook! Kinda. I have to clean it up, get rid of anything I shouldn’t have on there (but mainly it’s things I’m embarrassed about or dumb things). And I can only use it for proselyting purposes. I don’t know exactly what that entails just yet but I will soon. So I’m online, but I won’t be posting anything just yet.
We had a really awesome lesson with the girlfriend of a less active. It was cool. She felt the spirit really strong. Then the boyfriend asked, “Que paso?” (what happened). It was super funny, he wasn’t feeling it, wasn’t paying much attention. But oh well.
Today we went slack-lining. It’s a line between two trees, you try to walk across it. I couldn’t do it very well, but then again, none of us really could except E Wandry, he’s super good! He looks like a monkey when he does it, and he’s practiced for a long time. He can even do tricks. It made for some funny pictures of me and my companion!
Well have a good week!
Hermana Laura Johnson

Week 63

After all there’s only one more sleep ’til Christmas! (I think I may have used that last year… wow one year already!)

Hello everyone! It’s been a hard week. Things have been crazy! One of the English sisters we live with went home so she could overcome some health problems. So we got to say goodbye, that was hard. She’ll come back to the mission soon enough though, I know it.

Our cute investigator Matilde got us presents! The people here are just so sweet! You can tell they love the gospel when they go out of their way to help us. We had a really good lesson with her last night as we went over the baptismal interview questions. She really got it, answered them without hesitation, she truly has a testimony. I just love to see it!

We have some other awesome investigators! Maria, Mario, Jaqueline we saw on Friday and they gave us cinnamon raisin bread from Panera :), a ride home with their truck for our bikes and they gave us a referral and we contacted it with them. They’re awesome! People really see the blessings of the gospel. The gospel changes people. It truly does! We taught the restoration in 20 minutes, and after the prayer we waited for them to feel the spirit testify to them. Well Mario about cried, it was amazing. I know that Jaqueline felt it, even though she didn’t say anything, she just loves it and is super willing to do things.

We had our Christmas party. It was so much fun decorating! We didn’t do that much but it was enough to make it Christmasy. At the party it was a dinner, and a play. The play was kind of boring until Anthony, Matilde’s son climbed right up on the stage! H Quezada tried to take him to the side, he did go with her for a second, but she got distracted and let go of his hand and he went back on. There was a couch mid-stage and he just sat down on it. Everyone was laughing, it was so funny. Matilde was embarrassed but I kept telling her that the play lacked humor, it brightened everyone’s mood. We all thought it ended on a good note. We were able to give her, and her family a tour at the party, show them the baptismal font, it was really good. We just are working on Fidel, the husband now to get him on board!

We are teaching a new family who really needs the gospel. We tried to teach them in 20 minutes but it didn’t work so much. Their lives and their stories come pouring out, so that’s really hard! But I know they’ll get baptized soon, they just need the Holy Ghost! 

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Hermana Laura Johnson


Week 62

Hi everyone!
This week has been good. We started teaching a new family! We got a referral off someone off the street awhile back, the guy wasn’t interested but the sister and her kids were. It turns out they have family who are members in Palmdale. So that is pretty sweet! They had a lot of questions since he had never shared what it is that we believe. It is really cool that we get to help them. There were a lot of really random things that happened which distracted us. Their cat actually bit me during the lesson! And random people were yelling outside, and the clock went off, and her phone went off a million times! Satan was working really hard. They are pretty solid so we’re really excited.

We had the mission party. It was way fun! Sadly I don’t have pictures today from it. It was H LaPierre’s last week! She’s my first companion who is finished, I can’t believe it! We also learned how to teach in 20 minutes using the pamphlets. It’s mostly questions, the point is to not overwhelm anyone. I like it so far, we have to teach it more!

We had a funny experience in Burger King. A lady I met my first week in Covina came up to us and told us some interesting information about someone we had visited. She told us that they live in a dangerous neighborhood, not to visit them. She told us that we should avoid a lot of places (like Walmart). She gave us toffee, and tried to give us pants from her car (we don’t wear pants so we denied those!). H Quezada was so confused! I was even confused, I couldn’t place her for a couple of minutes. It was so funny talking to her!

Sorry it’s short this week! I’ll write more later (or not!).

Hermana Johnson

Week 61

Hey everyone!
Hooray I have 6 more weeks in Covina! This time around I’ll be with Hermana Quezada. She’s really cool, she’s been out for 8 months or so. We’re enjoying things here, it was a crazy morning for transfers though! Everyone going here and there. H Davis is in Arroyo (East LA) with H Connelly! It’s so cool that they’re together now. They’re going to be awesome together! Also, Sister Fjeldsted is leaving, so our apartment is getting all changed around. So we had some sad goodbyes this morning.
This week was really fun. We continued teaching the Melchor/Aguilar family. They’re doing great! The mom didn’t come to church this week since her daughter came to town but we had a really awesome lesson with them. Matilde already knew what every part of the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, enduring to the end) meant before we taught them. She explained to us what repentance is, shared some experiences, it was really awesome.
Monday last week was interesting just for one thing–an orange. We went to Vons the local store to use the bathroom. Turns out you have to pay 25 cents! Neither of us had a quarter, so we went to buy an orange to get 25 cents back. Well that didn’t work–it cost 92 cents! So I just had the cashier give me some change back for another dollar I had. Hilarious. We were just laughing all day.
On Friday we took the bus, it was pretty exciting. At around 7:30 we went and saw someone who lives in the apartment Raul lives in. We were let in, we mentioned that we wanted to share something, the girl Rosa asked if we could wait for her to shower…. We told her it would only be a minute, but she really wanted to shower…. So we waited a good 50 minutes! It was super late but we had a lesson with her. I was practically asleep on the couch when she came back out. We’ve been trying to teach herforever, we finally did. She didn’t get it though… She’s just not prepared just yet. In time!
On Saturday we went to contact a lady from the English sister’s area book because she actually spoke Spanish. We went by, the house didn’t exist! We walked around, talked to the neighbors, we were about to give up. The people in the house closest to the number we were looking for had pulled into their driveway while we were talking to their neighbors. We decided to go back. We talked to them as they got out of the car, unloaded a couple things. It turned out that they were related to a family that got baptized in Rimgrove last year! H Davis had even met the husband at a party that family had a couple months ago when she served in Rimgrove. That’s so crazy!
Also, we celebrated my 1 year in CA mark last Wednesday! We celebrated it by eating elotes or corn on the cob covered in mayo, cheese and chili powder. It’s actually really good! We’ve also eaten a lot at fast food places lately. Our member meals have been cut down since we’ve been on bike due to far travel distances, so we have brought our dinners, go to Burger King or something, buy a drink and eat our food. On Friday I had a lunchable at Burger King, the workers there thought I was strange, they all just kind of laughed.
Have a good week!
Hermana Laura Johnson

Week 60

Hello everyone!
Guess what? I’m at 1 year in California on Wednesday! It’s just downhill from here. I can’t believe it! Time is just flying!
The family we’re teaching is super solid! Seriously. The mom came to church on Sunday, practically felt like a member. Last week we taught her, helped her feel the spirit during the lesson. We asked how she felt, said, “Me siento raro,” (I feel weird) then cried. Later we clarified it was actually a good weird. We taught her whole family yesterday with the mom’s brother’s family there since they’re all members. It just worked out really well. Really strong spirit present. They don’t have baptismal dates at the moment, but they will soon! The mom told us she already knows it’s true. It was amazing!
Our less active Juanita is doing good. She came to church with her whole family, and is reading the Book of Mormon. She’s reading in Alma now! What the! That’s a few hundred pages in just a couple weeks. She’s almost completely active now!
Our other less actives that we’ve been working with are almost fully active as well. Esther with her 7 grandkids has come to church weekly for the last month. She may not stay very long, but it is amazing. Their family has changed a lot, she has too. The gospel changes people! People can become way more than they are right now if they base their life in the gospel of Jesus Christ, reach their full potential.
We found, taught, were dropped by a guy Ramon this last week. We met Tuesday, taught him Wednesday and Friday, on Friday he dropped us. We taught the Restoration both days to help him understand more about it, he complained that we don’t teach enough about Christ, we aren’t focused out of the Bible. Oh well. It was a really fast turn over! The member we took to our lesson on Friday was hilarious. She picked us up, was a few minutes late. Over the phone she just yelled, “I’M LATE!” in a panicked, frantic voice. It was hilarious.
Thanksgiving was this last week! It was pretty good. We ate with the Siu family (see pictures). It was so amazing. There were so many people there! We just had so much fun. I ate some of everything except for pie! There was a variety of everything–salad, egg salad, pasta salad, macaroni salad, potatoes, turkey, pork, chicken etc. The Chinese family next door brought a whole chick for us which was super nice, unexpected. Then we ate with Raul Cerros and his family at 8 PM. Oh man, we were stuffed. I could hardly eat that second dinner! 
Friday we went to the temple visitor’s center with the ward. It was supposed to be a missionary activity, but nobody brought friends, not too many came (probably because it was the day after Thanksgiving). But we had fun, we got to see the lights which was a first for me here. It was the first day they were lit up so it was a fun experience.
Also we contacted a French guy this week since H Davis speaks French pretty well. It was super random. I could pick out a few words because they’re similar in Spanish but I was no help. It took me back to my first week on my mission when I had no idea how to speak Spanish! He said he wants a Book of Mormon in Arabic however, since he speaks it fluently as well. It was definitely a strange experience. I never thought I would be hearing French on my mission!
Well I hope everyone has a good week!
Hermana Laura JohnsonImage