Week 56


Lots of stuff as always.

Last Monday was stinking hilarious. We moved a couch from our room to the living room. We still have no idea how we managed to get it out seeing as the door frame was like 2-3 inches smaller than the couch, there was the heater that jutted out 4-5 inches. Plus the door knobs that the couch got stuck on. It took a long time, there was a lot of laughter though since it was just so hilarious. H Davis said that we should be the mormon missionary furniture movers, arrangers. We had so many strange furniture arrangements trying to get the couch to work in our room, then in the living room after we got it out. So funny.
The Alvarez family who we were teaching dropped us this week. (from my weekly letter)
The family we’re teaching decided to stay Catholic. They told us how involved they are in their Catholic church, Jose is a greeter, he helps out, knows a lot of people, they’ve gone for years and years. I also don’t think they ever had intentions to join our church at the beginning. They wanted help, thinking they could still stay in their church. They did realize that we have a lot to offer, it scared Jose. He stared to realize we have the truth, he changed a lot of his views on things. He used to think the Catholic church is true, by the end he said that every church is true if it leads one to God. I think he was saying that because it meant he could still be right about the Catholic church, not give in that we actually have the truth. It was so sad!
We saw a member who was the cutest thing. She told us how she really wanted to be like her siblings, feed the missionaries. So she did. She invited us over, gave us horchata (delicious), a soup, some enchiladas. It was amazing. She was just so cute about everything. For the Hispanics  feeding the missionaries is a big deal! It was great that we got to be there for her first experience feeding the missionaries. As they feed us, they get so many blessings as reward and these people see it and love it!
We got a few referrals from people off the street this week. It was awesome. We’re teaching one lady Melba now, we have an appointment for the other this week. We’re doing good. I really enjoy it! Although a lot of the people we’ve met on the street, by knocking this week have been straight up crazy. One guy who believes in Jesus told us that Jesus’s death signified how religion can’t save you…? Then people who don’t really know what they believe by the sounds of what they tell us!
Saturday was interesting. We met a member from the San Gabriel ward at the mall where we went contacting. We told her we liked her sweater, she said “Yep you’ve got to have a sweater for church!” We thought it was her trying to tell us to back off, she was already religious. But then we kept talking, she then told us she’s a member! What the! She was there with her daughter, granddaughter. She gave us the address for her daughter who’s less active. She actually lives in Rimgrove though, but it was so cool! Of all the random things to happen. Seriously.
And last night at the end of our fast we went to see a less active. One of the people she referred us to was there. We had set up an appointment last Monday, but she wasn’t there, she was yesterday! That was just awesome! Heavenly Father just put her in our path to make sure we go back to see her. We had a short lesson, she could definitely feel the spirit. I really hope it all works out!
Thanks for everything. The gospel is true! Love it! Have a good week.
Hermana Laura Johnson

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