Week 54

This week rocked! So many miracles happened! So many hilarious, awesome things happened!
We had a lesson with a few families. They were awesome. One family sincerely wants to change, they really understood the Restoration. We are praying for them so much! We want them to come to church, to progress so the husband can stop drinking.
On Saturday I went on exchange. I went to Chino with H Vellinga. It was awesome. We biked, had fun talking, catching up. We met a crazy lady who was taught in the past by missionaries. Then we had lunch with the Elders, a member. It was pretty fun. That was pretty much our day working. Then we went to an activity. We got there around 3, we went around everywhere and helped out with a lot. I walked around with my backpack, pillow for awhile. One little kid asked me if I lived at the church. I said yes.
The activity was a presentation of the youth. Each ward did a different Disney movie, song. They were just funny. Hispanics can’t sing, so most were pretty bad singing wise but they had awesome costumes! We met with the Covina sisters at the activity since it was for the Stake. They apparently biked 5 1/2 miles with H Connelly’s stuff! Apparently she fell while on my bike, got all scraped up which is sad. And they just had a funny time cleaning up, getting put together again. I didn’t realize I would be biking home, we had no idea how to get everything home. So I put on my backpack, we put my pillow between me and my backpack and it was just hilarious. We realized we were starving, got dinner before we tried to leave (and everyone got to see me looking all strange). We then went outside, found out that someone had stolen the tires of our bikes!!! Actually no, surprise it was the Elders. They hid them just inside the building. They came back out to laugh at us and our tires, but then they ended up putting them back on for us because I couldn’t with the backpack, pillow, bag situation. “I can’t because I have a pillow on my back!!” After it got fixed I tried biking with my shoulderbag as well but I just immediately fell off the bike, so H Davis wore it. And we had my package. We somehow made it home 5 1/2 miles. It was hilariously funny, thus the picture.
It’s also been pretty hilarious since we haven’t gone shopping for food in the last two weeks. We’ve had to improvise food. I’ve had eggs and borrowed food from the English Sisters the last few days. Today was hilarious. The Senior couple who lived in our apartment before us left these things called “Shake or pudding” and it all depends on how much water you put in.  Today I had shake or pudding (shake) for breakfast. So that was laughable, we laughed all day about it. It was really strange, like a liquefied pudding. So funny!
Anyways that’s all I got! Have a good week!
Hermana Laura Johnson

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