Weeks 52 & 53

This week has been CRAZY! It’s been 10 days since p-day so we are exhausted! And it feels like everything happened this week, yet I have hardly any time to write this week!

Things that happened:
  • A missionary died
  • We ate a lot of double dinners
  • We made a cake with a blind woman on her birthday
  • Our investigators told us they are still going to the Catholic church on Saturdays but then they didn’t come to church
  • A random less active not on the ward list came to church with his girlfriend
  • We started teaching the girlfriend, her teenage daughters
  • A family wanted a blessing for their cousin in Santa Barbara, who was dying, I got to organize it all since it was a Sunday, meaning the mission office wasn’t open. She then died the next day after getting her blessing.
  • Our ride for the memorial service cancelled last minute, we had to figure out how to get there with no time (our car for emergencies was used by an English Elder with a collapsed lung, who was in the hospital, but it got returned in the end)
  • We went to the Memorial service
  • We met people who had just come back from a funeral, we were able to testify about the plan of salvation to them
  • H Davis’ tire popped again, it took forever to fix
  • We went to the temple today
  • There is no time to do anything!! We haven’t gone shopping yet and we have no food, we probably won’t go today, we’ll starve (JK)!
Life is just nuts right now. But wow am I glad we got to go to the temple, be free of that worry for a little while. It was really good.
The biggest things from this week I’ll mention. 
The memorial service was on Sunday. It was beautiful. They talked about Elder Page. He was only in the field for a month, I didn’t get to know him. When he was set apart, he was blessed that he would help this mission learn more about the plan of salvation. In life, he probably thought that was just the area, Arcadia, CA, but after his death, I really think it was us, the missionaries of the Arcadia mission. We all felt it so much this last weekend. The Plan of salvation is true doctrine. There is life after death. Christ is merciful, reaches out to us in our pains, sorrows, and really wants us to have happy lives. Trials happen, they are supposed to help change us into the people we are supposed to be. There was a beautiful rendition of Be Still my Soul. During the song, I truly felt that Christ was with us in that moment, comforting us. He has so much mercy, loves us so much! It gave us a renewed power in teaching the plan of salvation.
We went to the temple. It was so good! We got to relax, think about things. I loved the video. Eve was so full of emotion, it really showed the fall in a different way. The plan of salvation really is so important, it could never have happened without Adam and Eve partaking of the fruit. I know that it was a necessary thing, it was in God’s plans for it to happen that way. The fall means that we exist, that we can have both happiness and sadness. We have so much more capacity for emotions both good and bad. We can also choose how we want to live, we can choose to be happy or not. I am so glad for my opportunity to be a missionary, share this with people. The gospel changes lives!
This has been such an amazing, inspiring week. So much happened and I’m sure I’ll fill in the blanks one day with the details to the other things.
Have a good week!
Hermana Laura Johnson

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