Week 51: Happy Birthday to me!!! 1 year in my mission!‏

Hola!! Esta semana cumpli un ano en mi mision!! Wow! No puedo creer que he estado aqui por tanto tiempo. (Just google that if you can’t figure out what it says hehe)

It has been a week of miracles! Seriously.

On Thursday I finished 1 year in my mission and it was an amazing day! We went to our zone meeting in the Rimgrove building! It’s been so long since I was there, I was just so happy to be back and walk in the building, even if it was just for a little while. At the meeting they announced that we’re going to be using facebook to proselyte this month! So don’t be alarmed if you see me on it, I’ll be using my own facebook, talking to people. It’s going to be crazy! We don’t know too many details, but I am super excited for it!

After the meeting, we got back, got on our bikes. We were biking to visit a 17 year old in the ward but we decided to change directions. We went instead to visit a street some English members live on. They told us to talk to their neighbor the day before, we decided to go there. We knocked on the door, the lady Mary wasn’t interested. She said she was mad at God because a few family members had died recently, so she didn’t really feel open to religion. We testified about the plan of salvation, how there is life after death and she can see them again. We read a scripture about how Christ knows what we are going through, said a prayer. After that she accepted missionaries to come back. It was amazing! That is just what the spirit does, it opens people’s hearts! And she said the only day she could do it was a Thursday afternoon, exactly when we went by!

After that we went to visit the 17 year old Estephany. She didn’t really want us to come over because her house was a mess, she had dishes everywhere. Her sink wasn’t working because the drainage system was messed up. That meant a ton of cochroaches were attracted to the food, were coming in through the nasty drains. All of the drains were messed up except for the shower drain. We wanted to help her so we ended up washing the dishes in the shower for over an hour. It was so random but so much fun though. Afterwards she talked all about her biggest doubt, fear which was how she couldn’t forgive her father, she thought it meant God wouldn’t let her progress. We had a powerful lesson about forgiveness, the plan of salvation, and we should have another really amazing one this week.

As we left, we were biking and passed by a guy smoking. We decided to turn back. He told us he wanted help, wants to change his life around. Awesome! That’s exactly what we help people do! So we have a lesson set up for this week. It should be really great!

That night we decided to get pizza for my year mark. We stopped by a pizza hut. As we ordered, H Davis casually mentioned it was my birthday. This led to free breadsticks! We chatted with the workers. H Davis was two seconds from giving the stock boy a mormon.org card but didn’t have any. She gave him a familysearch.org one instead. Turns out he was super into family history, wants to learn about it! Tender mercies. The other lady overheard, wanted a card for our church. It was so exciting! I just love this area!!!

The best part of the week was general conference! It was so wonderful. I just loved conference. At conference, I got to see my recent converts in the stake center. They are doing wonderful! And I got to see a lot of Rimgrove ward. They are so loving, I was so happy to see them!
On Saturday we were fasting and walking, and we were exhausted. At around 7 we had the option of breaking our fast or trying two more houses of less actives who live on the same street. We decided to try the less actives. The second house was a less active family my companion had already met, the mom wasn’t very interested, so we weren’t super looking forward to it. We got in, started talking, she was a lot more interested this time. Then her 18 year old daughter came in, we taught the restoration, the less active remembered her testimony and had really good questions, the daughter became a new investigator. It was amazing! Seriously fasting really works when you’ve got the faith, are willing to push through it! As we were walking home, we met a blind lady. She wanted us to come by on a Thursday, this next Thursday is her birthday so we’re going to go help her make a birthday cake. I’m so excited for it!
Then Sunday we had a couple come to conference, they definitely had the spirit work on them. The husband said it left him with a lot to think about. A less active came before the afternoon session in time to see a baptism. She said she felt so much relief. We sat with her grandkids which enabled her to watch most of the session in peace, one of the few times she’s had recently.
On the bus yesterday I met a guy named Kasun. He was really cool. He was watching cricket on his phone. Somehow I turned it into a gospel discussion, he said he’s been looking to find a religion! So he’s going to go to the English ward next week. I’m so happy to have met him and helped.
I can’t even remember everything that happened. I’ve been so exhausted from all the miracles that every night I don’t have time to write in my journal! There’s just been so many wonderful things happening here in Covina! I just love it! Have a good week!
Hermana Laura Johnson

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