Week 50

Hello everyone!
Here’s the big news, I got transfered to Covina. I’ve been stressing to unhealthy levels, the big guys thought that if I went to a new area I would be able to start anew, be less stressed. And so far it has helped!
I am now working with H Davis from Arizona. She is a really awesome missionary. She’s been out only 4 or so months, and she has amazing Spanish, possibly better than my own! She is such a sweetheart, she just loves the gospel, these people.
We are working with a family, the Alvarez family. It’s the parents and four kids. The oldest two kids haven’t really sat in on any lessons with us. They are teenagers, we really want to teach them so hopefully soon! But the parents and little girls are the girls are the cutest! They came to church this Sunday and really enjoyed it. We are very excited for them. They are reading the Book of Mormon, they really do find that it brings them peace at home, more joy. We are going to help them recognize that the peace, joy is because it is the truth!
On Saturday we helped the stake RS get ready for the RS broadcast. We set up tables, chairs and everything. While in there, an English nonmember family came, they asked for money. It was super awkward for us, we didn’t know what to do. We got them the number of the Bishop and we’re not sure but they might have done something. They had 6 kids, the mom was pregnant, they didn’t have anywhere to stay for the night! It was a crazy situation!
On Thursday we went to see some people. We went to some house looking for a guy named Luis. A lady opened the door, said he wasn’t there. She said she was tired, she had a surgery recently. So we asked if we could pray, she said yes. We prayed with her, afterwards she told us she was super sorry, but she had just lied to us, Luis does live there! It was so interesting.
Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers!
Hermana Laura Johnson

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