Week 49

Hi everyone!
We have a new Elder in our district, Elder Wright. He’s super cool! He has a lot of energy, is really enthusiastic, and has a lot of really good ideas. Like this week, we decided to have a sign on a street where we knew a lot of High school students passed after school. It just said “Ask the Mormons a question, get a prize”. Well after a couple people did it, we got a good group. They asked about what we think about blacks, if they’re cursed. They asked about the Book of Mormon, lots of stuff. Nothing much came out of it until later…
Then on Friday we went to the park. The Elders contacted a guy on a bench, we contacted some other people. The guy was one of the high school kids we met earlier. He said one of the kids got a copy of the Book of Mormon, started reading it to find out about the blacks for himself. Then because he thought it was so interesting he kept reading it! That was awesome! Then the guy they talked to said he wanted to learn more, he set up an appointment. Now that is cool! They felt impressed that he would get baptized, become a missionary one day, totally awesome!
Then in the park we went to the basketball court, there was a group playing. The Elders played, they said if they won the kids would listen to our message. They won! It was hilarious, the Elders weren’t entirely good but played well enough. The kids thought they were hustled which was so funny! They listened to our message, it was really awesome! We invited them to our sports night, we told them they don’t have to play outside, they can play in our nice court with other cool guys. It was awesome!
And yesterday was really good. We went to ward council, we introduced the idea of an ice cream social, the ward council loved it! So we are doing it this Friday!! It will be awesome! Things are looking good!
Hermana Laura Johnson



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