Week 47

My favorite thing this week was contacting yesterday. We went to the Hansen Dam, this huge park with soccer fields, baseball fields, a trail for horses, a dam, everything outdoorsy, plus a mariachi band, with all hispanics to contact. We brought juice boxes and walked around talking to people, inviting them to our cultural night this weekend. Everyone was so friendly! We had a bunch of people tell us they would come to the cultural night. A bunch of families said they would come! We are praying that they do. It will be so much fun!
Speaking of which, we practiced a ton for the cultural night. We are doing the hula, last night we decided to do a Puerto Rican dance, la Bomba. H Hernandez and I are ehhhh not the best at the hula. We are learning it though! Slowly but surely.
We were supposed to do the Young Women lesson, How do I guard my virtue? So awkward! The only two classes we’ve had to teach, both about chastity. Turns out, after we set up, we were told only one Beehive came, she went with the other class so it wouldn’t be the most awkward lesson in the world. That was pretty lucky that we got off!
This week we should be starting bus just to try it out. We’ll find out how it is over here. There’s not many routes, just one really, so it will be fun! It means we have to make use of the time we have, we’ll probably go back to tracting somewhat. I haven’t had to tract my whole mission, we’ll find out how that goes. I really do love talking to new people so it should be fun! Between tracting and bus contacting, we will meet a lot of new, random people, have a lot of crazy experiences. I’ll keep everyone updated on what is going on with the car situation!
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