Week 46

This is going to have to be short this week!

#1. The Arcadia California mission is going CARLESS! 100% completely starting September 14. So that will be crazy! We’re not really getting any time to plan for it either. Just this week we will use the bus for the first time, it better be good!

#2. Going carless means will be one of the first missions to get iPad minis! And we will be using facebook for proselytizing now. I think we will be using our own facebook accounts, I have no idea how that will work but you might see me back up pretty soon.

Cool fact! Some members of my ward are famous! That made it onto a church video. So it’s on this website. It’s the first video “The church at a glance” at 3:03. It’s Hna Maldonado, her daughter in their kitchen. Awesome! And also the “Home and Family (Mormons)” has the same family, plus Hna Corrigan. That’s just cool!

And not much in other news. We had zone conference, I hung out with H Stohlton! She’s awesome. We met this cool former investigator Andy. We asked him the last time he read out of the BoM, surprisingly he said 3 days before! He was walking out on the street by his house, and 4 guys attacked him, messed up his eye. So then he decided to read in the BoM for comfort. Awesome. Hopefully we’re going to start teaching him soon.

Lastly, we’re learning the hula for the cultural night activity on Sept 14. It’ll be fun! We made some leis for the dance. And the weird thing about that was you use yarn, do this cool thing where you wrap it around a straw from McDonalds. Well guess who had the job of stealing straws from McDonalds? The sister missionaries! It was hilarious. We just ran in and pulled out 10 and ran away. So funny.
That’s about it!

Hermana Johnson


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