Week 49

Hi everyone!
We have a new Elder in our district, Elder Wright. He’s super cool! He has a lot of energy, is really enthusiastic, and has a lot of really good ideas. Like this week, we decided to have a sign on a street where we knew a lot of High school students passed after school. It just said “Ask the Mormons a question, get a prize”. Well after a couple people did it, we got a good group. They asked about what we think about blacks, if they’re cursed. They asked about the Book of Mormon, lots of stuff. Nothing much came out of it until later…
Then on Friday we went to the park. The Elders contacted a guy on a bench, we contacted some other people. The guy was one of the high school kids we met earlier. He said one of the kids got a copy of the Book of Mormon, started reading it to find out about the blacks for himself. Then because he thought it was so interesting he kept reading it! That was awesome! Then the guy they talked to said he wanted to learn more, he set up an appointment. Now that is cool! They felt impressed that he would get baptized, become a missionary one day, totally awesome!
Then in the park we went to the basketball court, there was a group playing. The Elders played, they said if they won the kids would listen to our message. They won! It was hilarious, the Elders weren’t entirely good but played well enough. The kids thought they were hustled which was so funny! They listened to our message, it was really awesome! We invited them to our sports night, we told them they don’t have to play outside, they can play in our nice court with other cool guys. It was awesome!
And yesterday was really good. We went to ward council, we introduced the idea of an ice cream social, the ward council loved it! So we are doing it this Friday!! It will be awesome! Things are looking good!
Hermana Laura Johnson



Week 48: Going Carless

Hey everyone!
Guess what happened yesterday? We dropped off the car! It is gone for good, off to be sold! So we are going to be carless in my area, but only every other day because we are doing a car share (due to the lack of public transportation, inaccessibility our area would have without one). So from 5:30 on we were without the car! It was really fun. We walked a ton! We walked a good 4 miles, 1 in the heat, the other 3 late at night. We came back exhausted, but it was so fun! I loved walking at night.
Also, we had transfer calls. Dun dun dun. Suprise, H Hernandez and I are going to be staying for transfer #3! It was quite a shock, we thought that one of us was leaving for sure. So that means we will be together for 4 1/2 months. Wow. It’s pretty unusual, but I know it will be good. We did get a call, but it was for H Hernandez, she was called as a Sister Trainer. That means we’re going to step things up a notch here in Tujunga. We’ll have to! The sad thing was that E Knight got transferred to Chino. So our little district is done. And this will be E Long’s last transfer in the mission! So we’re going to make it a good one!
We had this hilarious dinner with our Bishop, his wife, the Elders this week. When the Elders got there, they helped Sister Fors cook the chicken on the grill, apparently it got to 900 degrees and everything was on fire! The chicken was charred but still bloody on the inside. It was super weird. The rest of dinner was good however. During the middle of it, E Knight stepped out to take a call, stood a foot away from a HUGE spider web. Like 5 feet tall. And right in the middle was a gigantic spider. We had a couple flame torches at our table, H Hernandez took one and tried to burn the web, the spider. The spider just crawled up the web even more, H Hernandez screamed thinking it was going to jump on her. It was so funny!
We had a cultural night on Saturday. It was awesome! We danced the hula, we had a really good time. There was a Peruvian dance, an El Salvadorean dance, and a few Mexican dances, we were just so impressed. So many people brought food, we sampled a lot! I was so stuffed. There were a lot of new faces as well, it was really great!
Also we had an incident with a cholo (gang member) this week. We were sitting outside, he ran past, the cops were looking out for him, there was even a search helicopter. We just watched this all go down, we decided to leave pretty soon after.
We had a good contact with some friends of a member. We tried to give them a flyer to the cultural night, they read the name of our church from off it, realized that we’re mormons. They immediately let us in, gave us juice, cookies. They’re super Catholic but they just love Mormons! The lady got a phone call, invited the lady she was talking to to the cultural night, she took a few more flyers to invite her friends. It was awesome!
Seriously, the gospel is the best. I love being out here, serving the people of Tujunga, CA! This is the best calling. I know that what I am doing is the work of the Lord, that I am helping so many people to learn about the restored church of Jesus Christ. I am so excited to be able to do that here, to continue on after this mission!
Love you all!
Hermana Laura Johnson



Week 47

My favorite thing this week was contacting yesterday. We went to the Hansen Dam, this huge park with soccer fields, baseball fields, a trail for horses, a dam, everything outdoorsy, plus a mariachi band, with all hispanics to contact. We brought juice boxes and walked around talking to people, inviting them to our cultural night this weekend. Everyone was so friendly! We had a bunch of people tell us they would come to the cultural night. A bunch of families said they would come! We are praying that they do. It will be so much fun!
Speaking of which, we practiced a ton for the cultural night. We are doing the hula, last night we decided to do a Puerto Rican dance, la Bomba. H Hernandez and I are ehhhh not the best at the hula. We are learning it though! Slowly but surely.
We were supposed to do the Young Women lesson, How do I guard my virtue? So awkward! The only two classes we’ve had to teach, both about chastity. Turns out, after we set up, we were told only one Beehive came, she went with the other class so it wouldn’t be the most awkward lesson in the world. That was pretty lucky that we got off!
This week we should be starting bus just to try it out. We’ll find out how it is over here. There’s not many routes, just one really, so it will be fun! It means we have to make use of the time we have, we’ll probably go back to tracting somewhat. I haven’t had to tract my whole mission, we’ll find out how that goes. I really do love talking to new people so it should be fun! Between tracting and bus contacting, we will meet a lot of new, random people, have a lot of crazy experiences. I’ll keep everyone updated on what is going on with the car situation!
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Week 46

This is going to have to be short this week!

#1. The Arcadia California mission is going CARLESS! 100% completely starting September 14. So that will be crazy! We’re not really getting any time to plan for it either. Just this week we will use the bus for the first time, it better be good!

#2. Going carless means will be one of the first missions to get iPad minis! And we will be using facebook for proselytizing now. I think we will be using our own facebook accounts, I have no idea how that will work but you might see me back up pretty soon.

Cool fact! Some members of my ward are famous! That made it onto a church video. So it’s on this website. It’s the first video “The church at a glance” at 3:03. It’s Hna Maldonado, her daughter in their kitchen. Awesome! And also the “Home and Family (Mormons)” has the same family, plus Hna Corrigan. That’s just cool!

And not much in other news. We had zone conference, I hung out with H Stohlton! She’s awesome. We met this cool former investigator Andy. We asked him the last time he read out of the BoM, surprisingly he said 3 days before! He was walking out on the street by his house, and 4 guys attacked him, messed up his eye. So then he decided to read in the BoM for comfort. Awesome. Hopefully we’re going to start teaching him soon.

Lastly, we’re learning the hula for the cultural night activity on Sept 14. It’ll be fun! We made some leis for the dance. And the weird thing about that was you use yarn, do this cool thing where you wrap it around a straw from McDonalds. Well guess who had the job of stealing straws from McDonalds? The sister missionaries! It was hilarious. We just ran in and pulled out 10 and ran away. So funny.
That’s about it!

Hermana Johnson