Week 45

Woohoo. One more week! Again, not too much happened.
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about endurance. Things may not be going well, in fact when do they ever go well? But regardless, we must keep going and the best way is to be positive, happy about it! This morning I read a talk that really helped me, “Behold we Count Them Happy Which Endure”. I especially loved the part about the runner from Tanzania. In the mission field, it may seem like the goal is to have had a ton of baptisms, bring so many people back to the church, but really there is a different one, to be more fully converted yourself, and to come back with honor. It was good to be reminded of that this morning!
This week H Hernandez was feeling sick, needed a blessing, we both ended up getting one. Mine was really good! It said that Heavenly Father is proud of my work, that there is no mistake I am here in Tujunga with H Hernandez at this time. The Lord uses me to bless the lives of so many people around me, including my companion, whether I realize it or not. He is pouring out His spirit among the investigators, members, everyone we encounter. God answers my prayers, always, He is always guiding us. My family, home will be ok during my time here. And there was some other things that I don’t remember. I really love the part saying that He uses me to bless people whether I know it or not. There are so many times when we go out, come back and think we really didn’t make a difference, but we truly do and we have to remember that. God is not dumb! He sends so many (member) missionaries out with the purpose to help people, they may not see the affects, but He does. He uses us the best that we let Him, because really it is all up to us whether we are helpful (member) missionaries or not.
We went to Anaheim again for another appointment. We didn’t see much this time because we tried to take a different route to avoid traffic. We did drive past Knottsberry Farm though. Sadly no pictures, we didn’t really care as much this time.
E Knight had his year mark. We went to a sushi place (eww–but I got beef teriaki) and had lunch. H Hernandez and I brought some apple turnovers, a couple balloons to celebrate. It was super fun!
On Saturday we went on exchange. H LaPierre came here with me. So that was interesting. I’ve already been her companion before, she already worked up here. We went around, found some good potentials, even got a new investigator (a former). That was super good.
Yesterday we had a fun time contacting at the Hansen Dam Park. There were a bunch of drunk people cheering on a soccer game, we passed out flyers to our cultural night that is coming up. We even met a crazy less active. He was supposed to go on a mission to Spain, but didn’t go and fell away. He said he had dejavu and had already seen us before. Weird! He said he’d come by the activity and talk to us again. So that’s pretty awesome. We’re excited about that.
Well, have a good week!
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