Week 44

This week has been boring you can say.
We tried to do more chalk art, some random guy came up and said to us, “Is this occupy Latter-Day Saints or something?” Then he told us it was illegal… That was weird. Then we went into the nearby govenment building, asked the guy. We got a call later saying that yes it is illegal. So weird. Well we asked about one of the other parks it’s been done in before, it was okay there. So who knows, maybe we’ll stop doing it. Oh well.
Both H Hernandez and I went to the dentist, I had no cavaties or anything, she did, got them fixed on the spot. It’s super nice to have clean teeth once again! Yay!
We went to visit a member family to pick up a Book of Mormon they wrote their testimonies in. While there, they wanted an impromptu FHE. So we had one, it was super spiritual, which was surprising for being on the spot!
This week we called our less active, Hna Duran to see how she was doing since she was sick. She mentioned it was nothing, casually said that she would probably be at church (yesterday) with the family. Although she didn’t go, it meant a lot, she has finally decided to go back, and isn’t sticking to her excuses about the ward like she was before. Now it will be just excuses about timing, tiredness etc. We’re pretty sure she didn’t go yesterday due to her lack of energy after driving home from San Diego late Saturday night. We are going to keep going though. They are SO CLOSE!
Our other less active, Hna Janec is improving a lot! She said before she didn’t even know if there was a God, now she not only knows there is, she is to the point where she thinks the Restoration could be true, she doesn’t have that testimony yet. We assigned her to read in the Book of Mormon about the answer to one of her questions of the soul-why God lets suffering occur. That should help her.
Also, these people here have never played Uno. So that’s weird. We have had to show a couple families how to play it, they enjoyed it. I don’t know if it’s because they’re Californians, or because they’re hispanics…. So weird.
So that’s about it. Have a good week!
Hermana Laura Johnson



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