Week 43

Hey everyone!
This was a pretty good week. Two new investigators woo. Sandra and Suzi. We have tried to see them zillions (4) times, it hasn’t worked out. But finally it did! Sandra is so awesome, she already knows she needs to kick out her boyfriend, has already tried. She said she would rather live with heartbreak than break the commandments of God. Wow! She loves the church, she used to go about a year ago. So that’s awesome! Keep an eye out for news about her. Suzi was a street contact, we happened to find her name in our potentials sheet a month after. She loves God, she is so ready, we just have to help her see a difference between our church, the church she currently goes to.
We ate with, then taught some less actives, Hno left in the middle of our lesson to get a haircut! How ridiculous. But Hna learned a lot. I made this cool domino demonstration where it shows the significance of Joseph Smith, the BoM, authority on receiving salvation. In this dispensation, we could not have salvation without Joseph Smith because we have to have the authority to perform baptisms which he received. She said her dad had a love for dominoes, so it was awesome! She really loved the demonstration, she knows that her testimony never disappeared, it just needs to be brought to the surface again. She’s doing great!
We taught the YW lesson yesterday on chastity. It was interesting. We showed the PMG German, chastity video (look it up on youtube!), another video Chastity what are the limits? It was surprisingly fun for teaching 12-18 year olds about chastity!
Yesterday we had an amazing less active lesson. We visited the Duran family, they have been less active for about 7 years. We’ve had some spiritual lessons in the past that have made me know that this is their time to come back. Yesterday we got through almost all of her excuses of offense, her family etc to the deepest fear: she is scared of coming back, she doesn’t think she has the strength, she even cried. She knows that if she comes back, things might happen in her life. We testified that God will be her strength, we are here for her, we are not going anywhere, the ward will always be on her side. I feel that their family will be at church for the first time in years this month! We think she needs a blessing, we’re going to talk to her about it, I think that will be the last push she needs. They are so close! And I know that once they do return, their two daughters will come, and their ultimate dream of going to the temple can happen. They’re starting to see it too. They’re catching the vision, and it is amazing. Seriously so amazing! Last night she called us her rescuers, while she was crying, and I just know they appreciate our help so much! I just love this family! 

Have a good week!

Hermana Laura Johnson

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