Week 42

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So this week not much happened. It’s about the little things mostly that make it interesting.
We went to the dollar car wash. It’s awesome! It’s $1 for 4 minutes of water, soap and you have to do it yourself. They’re only found in the more ghetto areas, so it’s pretty awesome. I did the soap, it’s attached to this huge brush and I had no idea what I was doing, H Hernandez, some random other guy in the car wash laughed at me.
On Wednesdays there’s these trucks that come from all around the LA area, there’s music, and this last week there were classic cars. We decided it would be a good place to set up a booth. So we did. While getting set up, a homeless man came up to H Hernandez and I and serenaded us. He pulled out his guitar, sang a song about Jesus. It was weird. Then he sang another, randomly would use a harmonica that was attached to a metal thing around his neck. Even weirder. He probably would have kept going but we told him we needed to do stuff. We walked around, a 9 year old girl told us that we looked really freaked out when he was trying to sing to us. Yes, yes we were. Then when the booth was set up, there was a guy in front of us who grabbed onto a pole, with his strength managed to hang horizontal. We asked if we could take pictures, he said no, it would ruin his energy or something like that. He was crazy!
On Saturday I saw someone get in an accident. It was an Armenian and an American. Well, they just got out of the car and started cussing each other out. It was very dramatic. Oh California. We went with the Elders to a park, did side walk art. It was pretty awesome. H Hernandez and I did one in like 20 minutes, the Elders got all artsy and took much longer. Theirs was the plan of salvation (I’ve included some pictures of it). We really hope people get interested because of it!
One awesome contact yesterday. We found someone on a potential sheet to try. She wasn’t there. I wanted to contact her neighbor, because she had a butterfly decoration on her door and H Hernandez has a thing for them. The lady opened the door, said hi, told her kids to grab cupcakes for us. Then after she gave us the cupcakes, she knew we just needed milk to go with it. She wasn’t interested but she was really nice and we got free food!
Have a good week!
Hermana Laura Johnson

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