Week 45

Woohoo. One more week! Again, not too much happened.
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about endurance. Things may not be going well, in fact when do they ever go well? But regardless, we must keep going and the best way is to be positive, happy about it! This morning I read a talk that really helped me, “Behold we Count Them Happy Which Endure”. I especially loved the part about the runner from Tanzania. In the mission field, it may seem like the goal is to have had a ton of baptisms, bring so many people back to the church, but really there is a different one, to be more fully converted yourself, and to come back with honor. It was good to be reminded of that this morning!
This week H Hernandez was feeling sick, needed a blessing, we both ended up getting one. Mine was really good! It said that Heavenly Father is proud of my work, that there is no mistake I am here in Tujunga with H Hernandez at this time. The Lord uses me to bless the lives of so many people around me, including my companion, whether I realize it or not. He is pouring out His spirit among the investigators, members, everyone we encounter. God answers my prayers, always, He is always guiding us. My family, home will be ok during my time here. And there was some other things that I don’t remember. I really love the part saying that He uses me to bless people whether I know it or not. There are so many times when we go out, come back and think we really didn’t make a difference, but we truly do and we have to remember that. God is not dumb! He sends so many (member) missionaries out with the purpose to help people, they may not see the affects, but He does. He uses us the best that we let Him, because really it is all up to us whether we are helpful (member) missionaries or not.
We went to Anaheim again for another appointment. We didn’t see much this time because we tried to take a different route to avoid traffic. We did drive past Knottsberry Farm though. Sadly no pictures, we didn’t really care as much this time.
E Knight had his year mark. We went to a sushi place (eww–but I got beef teriaki) and had lunch. H Hernandez and I brought some apple turnovers, a couple balloons to celebrate. It was super fun!
On Saturday we went on exchange. H LaPierre came here with me. So that was interesting. I’ve already been her companion before, she already worked up here. We went around, found some good potentials, even got a new investigator (a former). That was super good.
Yesterday we had a fun time contacting at the Hansen Dam Park. There were a bunch of drunk people cheering on a soccer game, we passed out flyers to our cultural night that is coming up. We even met a crazy less active. He was supposed to go on a mission to Spain, but didn’t go and fell away. He said he had dejavu and had already seen us before. Weird! He said he’d come by the activity and talk to us again. So that’s pretty awesome. We’re excited about that.
Well, have a good week!
Hermana Laura JImageImageImageohnson



Week 44

This week has been boring you can say.
We tried to do more chalk art, some random guy came up and said to us, “Is this occupy Latter-Day Saints or something?” Then he told us it was illegal… That was weird. Then we went into the nearby govenment building, asked the guy. We got a call later saying that yes it is illegal. So weird. Well we asked about one of the other parks it’s been done in before, it was okay there. So who knows, maybe we’ll stop doing it. Oh well.
Both H Hernandez and I went to the dentist, I had no cavaties or anything, she did, got them fixed on the spot. It’s super nice to have clean teeth once again! Yay!
We went to visit a member family to pick up a Book of Mormon they wrote their testimonies in. While there, they wanted an impromptu FHE. So we had one, it was super spiritual, which was surprising for being on the spot!
This week we called our less active, Hna Duran to see how she was doing since she was sick. She mentioned it was nothing, casually said that she would probably be at church (yesterday) with the family. Although she didn’t go, it meant a lot, she has finally decided to go back, and isn’t sticking to her excuses about the ward like she was before. Now it will be just excuses about timing, tiredness etc. We’re pretty sure she didn’t go yesterday due to her lack of energy after driving home from San Diego late Saturday night. We are going to keep going though. They are SO CLOSE!
Our other less active, Hna Janec is improving a lot! She said before she didn’t even know if there was a God, now she not only knows there is, she is to the point where she thinks the Restoration could be true, she doesn’t have that testimony yet. We assigned her to read in the Book of Mormon about the answer to one of her questions of the soul-why God lets suffering occur. That should help her.
Also, these people here have never played Uno. So that’s weird. We have had to show a couple families how to play it, they enjoyed it. I don’t know if it’s because they’re Californians, or because they’re hispanics…. So weird.
So that’s about it. Have a good week!
Hermana Laura Johnson



Week 43

Hey everyone!
This was a pretty good week. Two new investigators woo. Sandra and Suzi. We have tried to see them zillions (4) times, it hasn’t worked out. But finally it did! Sandra is so awesome, she already knows she needs to kick out her boyfriend, has already tried. She said she would rather live with heartbreak than break the commandments of God. Wow! She loves the church, she used to go about a year ago. So that’s awesome! Keep an eye out for news about her. Suzi was a street contact, we happened to find her name in our potentials sheet a month after. She loves God, she is so ready, we just have to help her see a difference between our church, the church she currently goes to.
We ate with, then taught some less actives, Hno left in the middle of our lesson to get a haircut! How ridiculous. But Hna learned a lot. I made this cool domino demonstration where it shows the significance of Joseph Smith, the BoM, authority on receiving salvation. In this dispensation, we could not have salvation without Joseph Smith because we have to have the authority to perform baptisms which he received. She said her dad had a love for dominoes, so it was awesome! She really loved the demonstration, she knows that her testimony never disappeared, it just needs to be brought to the surface again. She’s doing great!
We taught the YW lesson yesterday on chastity. It was interesting. We showed the PMG German, chastity video (look it up on youtube!), another video Chastity what are the limits? It was surprisingly fun for teaching 12-18 year olds about chastity!
Yesterday we had an amazing less active lesson. We visited the Duran family, they have been less active for about 7 years. We’ve had some spiritual lessons in the past that have made me know that this is their time to come back. Yesterday we got through almost all of her excuses of offense, her family etc to the deepest fear: she is scared of coming back, she doesn’t think she has the strength, she even cried. She knows that if she comes back, things might happen in her life. We testified that God will be her strength, we are here for her, we are not going anywhere, the ward will always be on her side. I feel that their family will be at church for the first time in years this month! We think she needs a blessing, we’re going to talk to her about it, I think that will be the last push she needs. They are so close! And I know that once they do return, their two daughters will come, and their ultimate dream of going to the temple can happen. They’re starting to see it too. They’re catching the vision, and it is amazing. Seriously so amazing! Last night she called us her rescuers, while she was crying, and I just know they appreciate our help so much! I just love this family! 

Have a good week!

Hermana Laura Johnson

Week 42

100_1962 100_1960
So this week not much happened. It’s about the little things mostly that make it interesting.
We went to the dollar car wash. It’s awesome! It’s $1 for 4 minutes of water, soap and you have to do it yourself. They’re only found in the more ghetto areas, so it’s pretty awesome. I did the soap, it’s attached to this huge brush and I had no idea what I was doing, H Hernandez, some random other guy in the car wash laughed at me.
On Wednesdays there’s these trucks that come from all around the LA area, there’s music, and this last week there were classic cars. We decided it would be a good place to set up a booth. So we did. While getting set up, a homeless man came up to H Hernandez and I and serenaded us. He pulled out his guitar, sang a song about Jesus. It was weird. Then he sang another, randomly would use a harmonica that was attached to a metal thing around his neck. Even weirder. He probably would have kept going but we told him we needed to do stuff. We walked around, a 9 year old girl told us that we looked really freaked out when he was trying to sing to us. Yes, yes we were. Then when the booth was set up, there was a guy in front of us who grabbed onto a pole, with his strength managed to hang horizontal. We asked if we could take pictures, he said no, it would ruin his energy or something like that. He was crazy!
On Saturday I saw someone get in an accident. It was an Armenian and an American. Well, they just got out of the car and started cussing each other out. It was very dramatic. Oh California. We went with the Elders to a park, did side walk art. It was pretty awesome. H Hernandez and I did one in like 20 minutes, the Elders got all artsy and took much longer. Theirs was the plan of salvation (I’ve included some pictures of it). We really hope people get interested because of it!
One awesome contact yesterday. We found someone on a potential sheet to try. She wasn’t there. I wanted to contact her neighbor, because she had a butterfly decoration on her door and H Hernandez has a thing for them. The lady opened the door, said hi, told her kids to grab cupcakes for us. Then after she gave us the cupcakes, she knew we just needed milk to go with it. She wasn’t interested but she was really nice and we got free food!
Have a good week!
Hermana Laura Johnson