Week 41

Hola mis amigos!
Sorry but this week was kind of boring. We went to Chinatown in LA last week for p-day. It’s the farthest place here still in our mission, not in the LA mission. It was fun. We loved all the Asian stuff. There was a lot of cute stuff that I wanted to buy, we might go back sometime to buy souvenirs. I asked the price of something, the lady tried to bargain with me. She was asking $20 for a shirt, I was completely not interested. As I walked away she called back, “Hey for you, I make $17.” I told her no, I was thinking much lower, she waved me away.
Last week, we ate with some less active members. After dinner, Hno went to the store to buy us ice cream, as he was leaving, the ice cream man came by, he got us some there. He got us each these huge banana splits! We were already on our second dinner, so dessert on top was too much. We were exploding at the seams. It was delicious but I’m sure I’m just packing on the pounds from days like that!
We planned some activities we want to do this upcoming month. One idea was hiking, which turned into Hiking for Jesus (Sermon on the Mount). We want to hike, at the end have people bear testimony of Christ. I’m not sure if that idea will or will not happen. It’s kind of interesting.
I went on exchange on Saturday. I went down to Montebello, in the East LA area. Downtown LA is just so close from over there! One wrong turn and you’re there practically! Well I was in a trio for exchanges. That was interesting. Although they’re both being traied, they were pretty confident in what they were doing so I just followed along. We got invited to a Catholic baptism party and we went. It was the most awkward thing ever! We thought people would be up walking, talking. Nope. They were all sitting, all 40 of them, staring at us when we walked up. The guy who invited us, Manuel, wasn’t even there. So yeah. We congratulated them, left. I was not entirely sure what we were doing there, none of us really knew, other than that we were invited. Mormons crashing the Catholic party. Awkward. People thought we were Jehovah’s witnesses because we knocked a few doors on Saturday, their proselyting day. Awesome. Yep. We taught a lesson, the word of wisdom. That was pretty much it.
That’s pretty much all that happened last week. Sorry it’s kind of boring! Hope everyone’s doing well!
Hermana Laura Johnson



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