Week 40: The case of the strange fortune cookies‏

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the weird fortunes from fortune cookies we keep finding. It’s like God’s little way of telling us that things are going to be alright. Because yeah…. things have been difficult. This has been a trial for sure. Ohh Tujunga. The fortunes have appeared around the house we live in. Then when we find them they all say things that are encouraging. Like “The project you have planned will soon gain momentum.” “You will soon see a miracle.” “Treat a friend to flowers” (that one was interesting because a couple days before, President told us to send flowers to an investigator that dropped off the face of the earth). It’s been crazy.
We left the mission this week! It was only my second time, just when we went to the temple. We had to go to the Anaheim mission office to see a doctor. We got to see signs for Disneyland, we saw the Angels stadium. Unfortunately Disneyland is way too far from the freeway so we couldn’t see any rides but it was still exciting! We also passed Knottsbury farm.
We’re focusing on less actives and we had some interesting experiences this week. One 50 year old lady didn’t know who Christ was. She said, “God? The Holy Ghost?” uhhhhh no. So we’re starting from scratch with her. We met with one who is just crazy. Says he knows this church is true, but says Joseph Smith couldn’t have seen God, Christ, it must have been Moroni and another angel… Also didn’t get coffee, going to church. Oh goodness. Then another told us how other members offended her by going to her house to tell her that her non-member daughter was a devil child for some of the things she does with her life. That was an awful story to hear. She went back to church the next week, but it was brought up again so she decided to stop going. It wasn’t just an accidental offense, it was on purpose, to her face! Some of these members… they’re nuts! With a lot of these members, both active and less active, they need to see a talk and we want to start reading it with them, “And Nothing Shall Offend Them.” I even think this talk would be good for people who hold grudges towards others regardless if it is gospel related or not.
Seriously, we are awful human beings sometimes. I think that it is really good to be a missionary and have a perspective where we have to love everyone. We talk to everyone in the ward, everyone on the street. Some of these people would probably never talk to us if we weren’t missionaries, I definitely didn’t talk to everyone before, it has helped change my vision of things. I get to understand them in a way I probably never would have before my mission. I can get along with most people because they are all children of God! Loved by God, important to Him. It doesn’t matter who they are, what has happened to them in their life, I can and do love them.
We went to lunch at a Japanese restaurant this week. One of those restaurants where they cook your food in front of you. Since it was lunch, it wasn’t quite a show. Just a small one. He lit a lot of our food on fire to cook it. It was awesome! There was an onion volcano thing, as it got hot the onion pieces cooked smaller, got went back into the ring and it fell down.
On Saturday we went to a nursing home, some of the girls in the ward did the hula. We sang a couple of songs. The people there enjoyed it but we’re not sure how much. Nobody would volunteer to dance with us for the Hukilau which was pretty sad. Eventually one did after realizing it wasn’t hard. We tried to sing happy birthday but nobody even wanted to tell us if they had a July birthday, so we just skipped the song. Old people… On the way to the nursing home we were followed. H Hernandez got on paranoid mode, noticed someone following us from a couple streets back. She turned on a random street, made a circle, the lady noticed and backed up and went in a different direction. Then as we walked into the home someone flipped us off. So that was exciting. H Hernandez went all paranoid about that too. “Why did they do that?!?! That’s awful!!” It was crazy.
We went to see some people, were there for about 4 minutes in front of the house figuring out what we were going to do. In that time the family got in the car, backed up and left. So we sat there. And then, as they passed us, they stopped the car and stared at us. It was creepy. And we’re going to have to go back, be creepy again.
This week go out there, talk to someone about the gospel!! It’s fun! Seriously! Here’s some inspiration. And yes when members do it, it does work.
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