Week 39

Hola amigos,

This week……. So much stuff. I am going nuts!

Number one-the mission summer party! We had a mission conference, then had lunch, played water games. It was so much fun! Everyone was running around with buckets of water dumping it on everyone else. We were soaked. I also got to talk with everyone. All my old companions are doing good.
A few of the achievement day girls are going to a nursing home this week to perform the hula. We got invited to sing this song called, Pearly Shells, they’re dancing to it. It was fun, I’m excited to do it for the old folks on Saturday.
We got a call from a convert from San Francisco. She invited us to teach her mother, a 87 year old blind lady, and to teach her brother, sister in law. When we went, we just met the mother, sister in law. Well, let’s just say they’re really Catholic. She said she was really open, then in the middle of the lesson, she proceeded to turn on the TV to some Catholic sermon thing. Then she turned up and up the volume, where she was almost screaming. It was bad. The recent convert cried, knowing her mom has not been baptized under the right authority. That was super sad, I hugged her, told her everything would be alright, she just has to do the work when she dies.
Our companionship is super cute now. We accidentally bought matching bow jewelry. I got a ring, H Hernandez has a cute bracelet.
We went to a tea party last week with a potential. She had absolutely delicious pastries, and tea is just gross. We had ginger tea, it took everything in me to drink it.
Weirdest moment was when we street contacted people. Two guys, they came up to us. One had never met missionaries before, surprise! The other had. They asked if we were Jehovah’s witnesses (no!). Then they asked who we are, Mormons! They said they had never met girl mormons before, but had met the guys before. And surprise, there they are. The one guy pointed them out to us from a block away, they were still in their car. It was so weird. Tujunga is crazy!
Well that’s all I have the attention span to write today!
Hermana Laura Johnson



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