Week 38: Happy 4th of July

Hola mis amigos! Ojala que todos tuvieran un bueno 4th de Julio! (I hope everyone had a good July 4th!) I know we did!

This week…. was all over the place like always. Less actives, finding. That kind of thing.
Tuesday had the most exciting things. Seriously. It all started at 5 AM on the dot. H Hernandez went to the bathroom, came back and announced, “Hermana Johnson, I have bed bugs!!! Can I turn on the light?” She turned on the light, showed me the bites, grabbed a flashlight and checked the bed frame, and the mattress for them. There were not any. She just got a bunch of mosquito bites is all. 
Then we went to see a woman we contacted awhile ago. She wasn’t there, we asked her neighbor. I said she told us to come in the morning. The neighbor said that, yes indeed, Suzi was mourning because of the loss of a child. That was sad to hear, but so random/weird that she confused it like that. 
We went to see a member, while there I went to the bathroom. I knocked over a shelf that was sitting on the toilet, a bunch of things all fell off, a bunch into the tub. I didn’t know what to do, but “Ahhh!” Came out of my mouth. I came out to H Hernandez laughing at me, the member didn’t even hear anything!
Wednesday there was one random incident. We were driving in Tujunga, saw a guy lying on the sidewalk. Some other girls stopped their car as well. He wasn’t hit or anything, he was just drunk and fell over. It was this older Armenian man. The other girls called 911, a fire truck came to help. We kept trying to give him water, but he kept trying to drink some of his vodka… After awhile we couldn’t really do anything since we don’t speak Armenian, there was already an emergency group, so we left not knowing what happened.
Thursday we had our zone meeting! Technically we’re a blob, in both the English and Spanish zones so we got to choose. We went to the Spanish zone one because it promised to be a zone meeting of destiny. It was a really good thing, I got to see E Christensen from my MTC district. We had already planned on getting blessings to have more understanding of what to do here (we were a little lost about how to work here since it’s been overworked), I asked him. My blessing was great, it was very specific of how to find these people, the first thing he said was to “Look in the area book. There are people in there you haven’t met yet that are prepared, waiting for you.” Well, considering nobody has thrown anything away in the area book for years (since 2010) we have over 500 names, 18 pages, to go through. I was told to follow the spirit, even more. More! And Tujunga is an area for us, both H Hernandez and I to be tested, develop. Well if there’s not comfort in a growing zone and no growth in a comfort zone, I would say that yes we are growing spiritually, possibly physically with all this food, and mentally. We are changing, becoming refined because things are indeed hard! But good, I love it here!
After that, we went home, went through the area book again, screamed about how we couldn’t burn it, and prayed for some of the names. I would say we’ve truly gotten somewhere since that night. The people we’re seeing have legitimate potential, are not wasting our time like it was before. That night we looked more, I saw a street contact in there. One I thought had never met missionaries before. Well surprise I found her in the area book. Every single person I’ve met since coming to this area has talked to missionaries in the past! And a quote from my journal, “I overdramatically screamed for about 5-10 minutes. NO!!!!!” At the same time, there was the Ross’ July 4th party going on, they were really confused, asked us about it in the morning. Why in the world were you screaming?? What was going on up there?! Hahahahah
That’s the most of our week, not much after Thursday. A very dramatic first half, much calmer second half. And here we are, H Hernandez and I in some random town full of mostly English, Armenians and Koreans, trying to find the few Spanish speakers (not in Tujunga, in the surrounding areas), talk to them about the gospel. It’s crazy but we love it!
Hermana Laura Johnson

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