Week 37: Happy 9 months

Dearest family, friends, everyone who creepily reads this blog,

I am at my halfway mark on Wednesday (ish, I get a little more then 18 months). HOLY COW! Has it really been that long? It does not feel like it. Not one bit. How am I feeling about my mission goals? Hmm.
  • Those I have baptized are truly converted, will stay active, returning less actives will stay active. I think so, they’re pretty solid.
  • A family will work to be able to go to the temple. Not yet 😦
  • I am one of those missionaries that just talks to everyone about the gospel. Definitely, I think it creeps out my companion how much I talk to everyone, including creepy homeless people
  • I have effected the salvation of everyone I could. So that’s a little hard to judge, but I know the Lord accepts my mission, up to this point. So I’m saying I’m on track on this one.
  • I want to be more Christlike, nicer, friendlier, happier. To this point, things are going good. I feel like I really am a different, better version of me before my mission. You’ll all see by the time I’m back!
And now, this week.
Last Monday we had this awesome contact with a lady that went to SLC. She told us she didn’t believe in a lot of things we do since they’re not in the Bible. So we showed her where they all are in the Bible. And she got really interested, she wrote down the references to research it. We also gave her a Book of Mormon so she could research it too. I never imagined using the scriptures about Christ preaching to the dead, going to the spirit world, the scripture about baptisms for the dead in a contact. It was cool.
We met this guy, Greg, aka Goat Man on Wednesday. It was so funny. We taught the restoration, he actually really understood it. We said how after the people reject the prophets, there is an apostasy. So we asked him what happened after the people rejected Christ. He jumped a little too far and said, “We’re in an apostasy!!!” And he freaked out a bit, until we explained to him about Joseph Smith. Then right after he took us to his backyard, showed us his goats, fruit trees. It was so random/weird. He did give us a lot of fruit!
This week was H Hernandez’s birthday. We didn’t really do much for it, we just bought ice cream at the grocery store. She did get a lot of stuff the next day in the mail. Lots of shampoo, nail polish!
Yesterday we ate with the Elders at a member’s house. They gave us steak, potatoes, corn on the cob. Well as I bit into my corn, corn juice sprayed one of the Elders which was hilarious.
Things are flowing out here in Tujunga. Slowly but surely. 
Hermana Laura Johnson



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