Week 36


Another week in Tujunga!! And sad news. H Lopez left today! She is in a different area, Fletcher. And I am now with H Hernandez. It’s way fun, and surprisingly we are not in a trio like we thought! And now I am in my first not training situation! Awesome!

Oh, surprise, I cut my hair! About a foot of it! Ahh. It was needed, fun though–way too heavy, hot in this heat. I always enjoy seeing everyone’s reactions when they notice. Some people were confused, didn’t know whether they were crazy or I really did cut off all my hair. Some were convinced that H Lopez cut her hair… nope. It’s good though I really like it this length.

Wednesday we tried to see a less active. We walked a ton around the house before we realized which one it actually was. Apparently we went in through the back entrance. And the neighbor was creepily watching us, wouldn’t let us go back through the back entrance. So we walked all th. So dumb.

Here’s something hilarious. There’s this Denny’s in our area. H Lopez and I really wanted to go there. For some weird reason, I was convinced it had a windmill on top of it. So everytime we passed it, she would laugh at me. Well today while driving to the office, to trade companions, we saw a Denny’s with a windmill on top!! We laughed until we cried. Perfect ending to a good companionship.

We sang to a less active family last week with a ukelele. That was fun. 

Did I mention the weird thing with cats? H Lopez and I would point out every cat we saw, she said, “cats are the sign!” meaning we would have to contact whoever.

Also that letter was from awhile ago. We parked in front of someone’s “main gate”, not for their car, but like their gate/door to get in. They totally had the gate part for their car unblocked. Oh well. People are weird here.

Also I bought cookies ‘n cream cereal like the chocolate bars. So delicious. 

Hermana Laura Johnson



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