Week 35


So this week was good. We had so much fun last P-day! We went to CVS and listened to all the musical cards. Then we went to the dollar store. It was amazing! I went crazy buying nail polish (which if you can tell from my pictures, I’ve recently become obsessed with it thanks to H Stohlton). We have this thing about cats because we see them everywhere and I love them, H Lopez doesn’t so we bought a new keyring, a black cat. We just had so much fun!! Like seriously, our jaws dropped while we were at the dollar store it was amazing!!!
We met a random lady on the street who told us she loves the Book of Alma and wants to read it but lost her BoM. So cool! Too bad we haven’t been able to find her again for the last few days. I hope we can find her again this week. We couldn’t remember her name so we just have been calling her Lady and cats (she has two cats).
I had asparagus this week which was delicious. It’s surprising how little we eat vegetables. I forget until the members actually give us some. They only ever give us salad, if that.
We found this cute 20 year old this week. We taught the Restoration and it surprised her so much. Like her jaw dropped about the BoM, that we believe in other scripture. It completely shocked her. She didn’t realize how completely different we really are. She’s committed to read it, she really wants to find out more about it.
Saturday night we used the GPS to try to find an address. It took us on the freeway and while still on it, it told us to turn right, go off road!! It wanted us to leave the freeway. Then when we didn’t, it tried to recalculate, redo what we had just driven. It was hilarious!!! I sat there and told H Lopez, “Jump Hermana!!!” We sat there laughing until we cried.
Also, we have transfer calls next week. And a couple minutes ago we got a call from the APs. They wanted to know if we have room for another sister in our apartment. So guess what… we’re probably going to be a trio!! That’s super exciting! I seriously just love trios!! We have a blast every time. I don’t think I’ll be double training but it’s a possibility. Probably one of the Hermanas who’s finished training will be coming. 
It’s crazy right now, the oldest Hermana is leaving next week. That means that my trainer, H Jardon, H LaPierre and H Southworth are the oldest missionaries! They aren’t even a year on their missions yet. Then me, H Connelly, another sister who went into the MTC with us H Duran are the next oldest. How crazy is that! We’re practically the oldest sisters in the mission and will be for the next 9 months. We’ve just been pushed into leadership positions so early on. This is not normal for missions, I don’t think the missionaries will ever have to train this much ever again either. The time I’ve come out on my mission is so unique, I know there is a reason I’m here during the chaos!
We got a new investigator Marisol. She was the one we prayed with last week. She immediately opened the door, chatted about her goings on. She told us she had some funny things happen while going job hunting. She asked a waiter who was standing outside a group of buildings, if their restaurant was hiring, if they got her application. He said he didn’t know but to reapply, she could talk to the manager. Apparently he was not from the restaurant she thought, he took her to a different restaurant and has an interview this week. The Lord works in mysterious ways! Seriously. I know she will be able to find a job! She told us that after we left last week, she felt something weird that she couldn’t describe. She felt the spirit! It was amazing how she was able to recognize it!
Well that’s all I’ve got!
Hermana Johnson

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