Week 33 TUJUNGA!!

Dear everyone,
Happy 8 months!

I’m in my new area! We live with members, the Ross family and they are great! They have a three kids, a daughter who is married here in CA, one in DC on his mission, one daughter who is graduating HS this week, a cat (which makes me miss our kitty), two dogs. I love it!

Oh and introducing my new companion Hermana Lopez Chavez from Mexico City. She is great already, it is so fun since she already knows the language. I just tell her we’re going to contact people and she just does it. And people love her since she’s native, they love to find out why she’s here from Mexico!
Tujunga is full of white people, Armenians, Chinese, Korean people and a few Spanish. So our job is to sort out everyone and find all the Spanish speakers here. And oh there is a lot of work here! We went through our area book, found a bunch of people to go by. At this point, we’ve gone by a bunch of members, random people. We haven’t found any investigators yet, but we have a lot of potentials! Things are really moving though! 
Yesterday we had stake conference, President Becerra spoke. He talked about how we as members have to start asking ourselves more questions. If the verse Amos 3:7 is true, “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” What secret has Pres Monson been revealed that helped bring about the age change in missionary work? Most likely something about the second coming. And as members how does that affect us? Every nation, tongue and people need to hear the gospel before the second coming, how are we moving along the work? He talked about how we don’t necessarily have goals to do missionary work, so it doesn’t necessarily happen. The missionary work is hastening because of the number of missionaries increasing, how as members are we contributing? Are we hastening our pace as members or are we trotting along at the same laid back pace?
Also random things from the past little bit. A bird flew in my face on Saturday (1 week ago). H Stohlton had this MoTab CD from the 80’s. It had a few really awesome songs, one called “Suddenly you’re Older”. We couldn’t really understand it but it was awesome from what we could tell. (Mom send me the lyrics it’s hilarious!). I never knew the organ could sound so 80’s until that CD.  We made a fruit smoothie, H Stohlton put some Cap’n Crunch in it…. really weird idea. Don’t do it. I put in some yogurt, strawberries, it somewhat fixed it… it was weird.
This week we walked around on Friday. We had a member to go see who was in the directory but not active or anything. Well they don’t live there anymore. So we went elsewhere. But the address didn’t exist or something. We were super confused so we knocked a couple doors around the number to find out about it. Then we knocked into some English members! Hilarious. We weren’t sure why we were supposed to be there but we think those members were it. They were busy so we’re going back next week, hopefully we get a referral from them!
Hermana Laura Johnson

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