Week 32

Hey friends, family!!

Surprise! Yesterday I got a text from the assistants to the President. Call us when you have time. That is not anything normal so there was a momentary freak out, then I called. They told me that surprise! A new missionary would be coming in the next day, I would be training her… in a new area. What!!!
I’m headed to Tujunga (pronounced tahunga). It’s in Glendale. It’s where H LaPierre trained H Connelly! It got closed for 3 months right after her training finished. So it’s pretty exciting! There’s a lot of work to do so I’m looking forward to it! I think I may even be training a native. I think they said her name was H Lopez Sanchez. Maybe I just made that up. Not sure. But it should be good!I’m very sad to be leaving Rimgrove, I did not get nearly enough pictures, especially with the members! I hardly got to say goodbye! I did see Oswaldo, the recent converts yesterday, and today Juan R. Everyone else will find out at church on Sunday I guess.

Random thing this week. The most hilarious dinner appointment in the world! We were talking about the Dodgers then the conversation died. H Southworth tried to talk about the food and said, “Ellos son ricos.” Instead of saying the food is good (rich) she said, they are rich. Hna Jaime was confused said, “Los Dodgers???” haha yes they are though. Then I picked up my plate to serve myself more mashed potatoes. And my fork about killed H Southworth. Then a few minutes later we got yogurt for dessert. When Hna Jaime held out a spoon for H Southworth but I guess she held on too hard. She couldn’t pull the spoon out of her hand. So she gave up. It was hilarious. Hna Jaime was confused, asked her if she really wanted the yogurt or not. We just laughed all through dinner.
Also we had a freak out about the virgin Guadelupe…. Catholics believe in her, it’s kind of weird. Who is she even? Is it even the virgin Mary? Her name would be Maria in Spanish… People get mad at us sometimes because we don’t believe in her. Whatever. Only through Christ can we receive salvation.
Possibly someone broke into our house this week. Though nothing was taken. Probably because our apartment is covered with pictures of Jesus…
This is cut short, sorry! Things are crazy around here with me leaving with 24 hours notice!! Oh well I’ll update next week!
Hna Laura Johnson



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