Week 31

Hola amigos!

Life is good. It is way good! I love our new district! It is amazing! We have a lot of new blood here, everyone wants to work. It is going to explode here! Everyone can feel it. Rimgrove is the place to be. My zone Covina is a pretty good one for baptizing, we have worked ourselves up to top notch. It is amazing to see. That is completely different than when I got here. The members are awesome, there are recent converts all around. It is ready for some new families! I’m just glad I got to see it get built up!

This week I don’t really remember what I did… 

On Monday we met this crazy guy. We were on splits with H LaPierre. Two of us taught a lesson, two went finding. We taught our lesson, after, we talked to a few people. One, Roman was normal, and in the middle of the conversation a possibly drunk, definitely crazy guy came up. He swore every other word, told us how he’s killed people, wants to change. He even tried to beat up someone in the middle of the conversation. He just ran off, the victim got in a car and he hit the car as it drove off. The first guy, Roman decided to leave, at least he gave us his address. It was ridiculous. We did decide to see the crazy guy, but we think he was doing drugs when we went by…

Oh on Saturday it was insane! So we had a Mother’s day dinner. Crazy part: there was a bounce house!! It was for all the little kids, but of course the missionaries took advantage…  Nobody was at the dinner at first, kind of embarrassing. Then a lot of people came, two hours later. We ate, and were called outside. There was a pinata for H Stohlton’s birthday!!! It was a Dora the Explorer one. It was so funny!! All the kids went crazy, loved it. 

Then we came inside, Juan M who arranged it all, had a cake for her birthday as well. The ward sang to her. At the end, they had her bite the cake as tradition, one of the counselors in the ward pushed her face into the cake. It was so funny! Then there was flan. There was so much stuff for her birthday it was crazy. 

And today. We had a sister’s activity! We went on a hike. It was super nice. There’s so many crazy things going on with all the sisters. There’s a zillion trios, so many new sisters, including some visa waiters. It was nice to go out, although LA traffic stinks! It took 1 1/2 hours to drive 20 or so miles. But we’re used to it out here.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love CA? It’s great! I love the weather, even the 100 degree heat! Just go under a tree and you cool off, unlike in VA! 

Also, this week, I’ve really realized how much my testimony has grown. This church is true. This gospel is the complete gospel of Jesus Christ as he taught it. We have the priesthood, the authority of God. We have miracles happening still on the earth. The scriptures are so important to your well being. If you aren’t reading daily, you don’t have that protection from the world and can be easily influenced for the worse. I have seen the power in prayer. Sincere prayer is the only way we can talk with our Heavenly Father, and he really does answer us. I have seen so many things, and I know it’s true. This is just an amazing thing. I am amazed to be here, see the hastening of the work. It is happening. It is real. It is true. You better be helping, my friends! Actively get to know your neighbors. The people you work out at the gym with. Anyone. You never know if they’re searching for the truth. There are so many people who are, even if they don’t know it yet. 

I love you guys, I hope for the best for everyone!


Hermana Laura Johnson


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