Week 30


So remember how my birthday was supposed to be crazy? Well no. I’m staying in my area! What the heck… And dun dun dun. We have a trio. Again. So we picked up H Southworth today. She’s not new to the mission, but she has been out of Spanish work for 5 months!!! So that’s crazy, it was way unexpected. We waited all night by the phone and nothing happened. She called Sunday morning to tell us. It was quite a shock. That means I’ll be in Rimgrove for 7 months at the end! 5 transfers is crazy to be in one area! And I’ll be 3 transfers with H Stohlton which is unheard of for the Hermanas. So awesome.

We had a Mother’s day dinner for the RS. Two of the hermanas really wanted to sing a mother’s day song from the old hymn book so we did. There was a little fuss about when they would sing it. We painted cards for our mothers. The hermanas wanted to do the song before we started painting. The RS leaders wanted it during. They wanted everyone to just pay attention to them. They settled and did it as the closing hymn. It was so funny. And the whole time they just assumed I could write it. Luckily I could. (This ward is getting wayyy comfortable with me as the pianist! They think I can play everything which is totally not true.)

We taught two of Juan 2’s friends. Beatrice and…. Juan. Juan 3. It is ridiculous!! They have a lot of potential. I am way excited about that. Juan 3 is getting baptized. It’s going to happen. Maybe that’s why I’m here again, to keep the Juan train going strong! I’ll baptize every person named Juan by the time I’m out of here!

We’re teaching Flor, the daughter of Temos. She is way cute, way prepared, super ready to change and be baptized. She was there when we taught her mom Lucia. Flor was way excited for the lesson. She taught her mom how to pray, comparing it to a sandwich. Bread= Heavenly Father. Mayo, mustard= whatever in the middle, blessings, questions, requests. Bread= in the name of Jesus Christ. They both are doing awesome.

I did get birthday cake from a less active, Claudia. It was great. She let me take it home, but the icing melted in the 100 degree weather. Speaking of which, it is hot here! And it’s only May! Bring on July and August!

We played soccer on Saturday against the English ward (or that’s what it was supposed to be). The teams were the missionaries against everyone else. And everyone else was Latino, hardly any English members came. So it was difficult, they are all really good at soccer. I just ran around since I can’t really play soccer. But I think I’m still ok at defense anyways… 

My birthday was good. I got cards from a couple people. And I opened the bag with my birthday present (which I’ve been dying to open!). That second package apparently hasn’t gotten to the office yet though… Dang. And a couple members sang for me. It was awesome. And H Stohlton’s birthday is next week. So we’ll have another party!

That’s about all that’s going on. Nothing too exciting, just exciting enough.
Hermana Laura Johnson



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