Week 29



So let’s just talk about what happened this week. Let’s say it was crazy. I kind of let H Stohlton take over, we did some really random things.

On Monday, we were supposed to see a neighbor of a sister in the ward. When she came out, first I noticed her visor. It was as big as the one from the Sandlot. It looked ridiculous, plus it was broken on further notice. It was hanging at a weird angle. We then noticed her shirt was inside out and her crocs were the cherry on top. Hilarious. Her neighbor wasn’t there, we went back to her house. We complimented her on her visor, she ended up giving us one each! Yay.

On Wednesday, I attacked a drunk man’s drinking habits. He knew it was something he shouldn’t do but does anyways. I asked if it makes him happy, I asked if he thinks God likes it. I asked what the worst thing that could happen in his life would be. I then told him I could tell he wasn’t happy and he would never be happy without Christ. I don’t know if I was trying to make him cry or what (not quite)… but yeah we’re not going back.

We tried to see Jose, the crazy old man from awhile back. He lives in an all Chinese area, says he wants to tape his eyes to look more Chinese to fit in. He talks about his communion which he gets every week. Well I was not having it. We went back for the helper lady who is a preacher’s wife. Well, they tried to give us green tea!! So awkward. That was my first time having to deny a drink. (lies I’ve had to deny beer a lot but people understand that…) They poured it from one of those Arizona cans, she tried to pour it back into the can, into a mug. They then gave us water, and were super confused by it.

We took one of the old ladies from the ward with us to a lesson. It cancelled. We didn’t have dinner, and didn’t have much time. She took us to a McDonald’s drive through. She pulled out her money to pay, pulled out a $100 bill! It was crazy. The funniest part was her holding it out, and in her Spanish accent, in English said, “I’m rich!”
Friday we tried to contact this house. We didn’t know who we were looking for or anything, just the English Elders tried to talk to them and they spoke Spanish. There were people outside, they told us they lived across the street, didn’t know that family. They were carrying beer around, were super sketch. Then when they denied us, we knocked on the door. People were totally inside but hiding or something. Then the two guys outside walked up, really did live there. They said nobody was home, but we told them we knew people were there, and they didn’t know what to say. Awkward. They said they’re busy all the time though, don’t want to take our time. Then one said his name was Alfredo, which was obviously fake, tried to get the other to say a fake name, he didn’t say anything at all. They said we could come back though. We told them we would, we’re really persistent, so if they wanted us to come back to say the truth. They didn’t change what they said, it was so weird/awkward. So maybe one day we’ll come back for Alfredo…

Juan 2 is crazy. After getting the Holy Ghost he got this crazy overconfidence… It has been hilariously ridiculous. At a baptism on Sunday, I sat playing prelude with the hiccups. He, and H Stohlton sat there laughing at me for 10 minutes. They laughed with one of the ladies in the ward about it, they went and got me a water bottle. Then when I drank it, and they went away they laughed about it still. His favorite hymn is The Daydawn is Breaking or whatever it is in English. I played it for his baptism. Apparently, he read the lyrics during the Sacrament. That is such a random song! He is just so weird sometimes.

Also, totally didn’t mention that… IT’S MY BIRTHDAY NEXT SUNDAY!! Woohooo big 22. The Elders didn’t realize I’m so old. One of them, E Knapp, was shocked both times I said it. Next to these 19 year olds, I’m so old, weird. Also, next week we get to Skype! Also next Sunday, I’ll know if I’m leaving Rimgrove!! Ahhhh! My birthday is going to be all sorts of emotions. That’s all I know.

And yes, we did buy plastic flamingo cups. And go through donut shop shaped like a giant donut.

Other weird things lately. We saw this guy, someone we’ve been trying to teach, asleep in his car. It’s super hot outside, we thought he was dead. We came back later, turns out he didn’t. Also the same lady who wore mint green, wore the visor, used a pair of pliers to knock down the door of her friend. There are these awful gate things here protecting everyone’s houses. Then when you get closer they have like screen doors but made of metal and they don’t make much noise when you knock. She used a pair of rusty pliers she found on the windowsill. Weird.

Anyways, that’s all I have time for!

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