Week 28

We had another baptism this Sunday. It was great. Temos just loved it. This time we did fill the font too high. We were talking with the Chinese Elders and didn’t check it. Luckily it did drain somewhat and it wasn’t too huge. It was pretty funny though when the baptism actually happened. Temos splashed the man who baptized him, Hermano Vicenteno, in the face. When he went to pull the plug he couldn’t just reach and get it. He tried for a couple seconds of stretching as much as he could but realized he couldn’t do it. Hno V had to put his face in the water, actually go down. It was hilarious it looked like he thought he was sacrificing to do it. Only H Stohlton and I watched it happened, we died laughing, it was just so funny.

Now to the real thing, something I never talk about on here. Today. Today Anna, my sister got married. I’m not going to lie, this has been hard. Everybody wants to be there for their siblings when such a big event happens. No such luck for me. When I put in my mission papers, I knew this was likely going to happen but I knew what I had to do and it was to serve a mission. On Sunday I had a blessing. What I got out of it was that I am where I need to be, no matter how hard it is.

Today I also had the chance to go the temple, one of the two times every year (since it is out of the mission). In the Celestial room I just felt that at least I was in the temple on the same day partaking of the same spirit.

Anna, you’ll probably read this after but this is for you. I hope your day was amazing. I hope you felt as gorgeous as you are. I hope it was all you’ve ever dreamed of. I hope you felt the Lord’s presence in the sealing, that you understand the significance of the event in your life, that you can remember it forever.

I hope you both start the life you want to, that you treat each other with dignity and respect. I hope you grow together to be the people God wants you to be. I hope there is always love and always the Lord in your lives. I hope you always remember family, and the importance it has in your lives. Last of all, I hope you took lots of pictures!! I love both of you. Congratulations, good luck with everything!

Love you,

Hermana Laura Johnson


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