Week 27


This week….

Not too much new. Or maybe a ton of things!! So let’s go through my week.

Had the sister’s conference. Really inspiring. This mission is kicking it up a notch! Seriously, a few baptisms every once in awhile is not enough!! Monthly baptisms! We went out with a lady in the ward to see her friend. She came in a minty colored sweatsuit. And told her friend, that she is an investigator. Let’s just say that it wasn’t tactful.
Super random day. We met a guy at Walgreens, he talked to us for like two seconds, then decided to buy us ice cream… What?! We followed him to the freezer section, got ice cream. Then we gave him Finding Faith in Christ, got his number. He even tried to take us out to eat the next day, but we could not understand him on the phone… haha. Also Juan 1 finished D&C this week. He’s awesome!
We went and saw Guillermina. We haven’t seen her in a long time. It was just at the door. She told us her faith keeps increasing. Apparently when we put the balloons, note on her door like a month ago, we didn’t realize it was her birthday!! She said it was thrilling to see. We didn’t even know, she realized we must have felt to do it without any reason why.


Crazy. Baptism. Juan 2 was way excited, so many people were there. Everything went as planned for prep. Then we started. While the talks were going on, I thought I heard the water draining in the font. I worried the whole time that there wouldn’t be enough water! H Stohlton worried the whole time it was flooding because she accidentally left the water on! We opened the doors, the water was running, but not too much, just enough to counterbalance the draining that was going on. We were both relieved. They went in through the bathrooms, couldn’t get in! Apparently the door locked to the font when we went in and out to turn on the water. Luckily the girls’ side was open, so they went in through there. It was hilarious, they had to get in, walk their shoes across. Then he was baptized, and luckily the door to the mens’ room opened from the font side. 

Afterwards we talked forever. As we left, Juan 2 shook my hand. He always shakes really hard. Well this time, he broke my ring!!! Ridiculous. 

Interviews with President! He basically told H Stohlton she’ll be staying here, training a native. Gaaah. Meaning I’m out of here. I’m not done here! We’re meeting Rafael and his girls again tomorrow, getting them stinking baptized! They are getting testimonies! They are soo so so close. They just don’t realize it! Luckily nothing happened over the 2 months we didn’t see them. We’re kicking it into gear here!

Hermana Laura Johnson



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