Week 26


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how much I love granola but I do. A lot!!! I discovered this delicious granola in the bulk section of the Hispanic market. I got two bags of it. I spent $15 on granola. Totally worth it. The guy at the cash register was super confused, he’s never seen someone buy so much at once! 

Also at the Hispanic market: Some random guy stopped us to talk. He said he liked H. Stohlton’s eyes. I told him that it was because of the light of Christ. Cheesiest thing ever. Totally worked. Sadly he didn’t know his address nor phone number since he just moved. We hope he calls us!

Juan 2 is getting baptized next week!!! Woohoo!! He is getting baptized by the same person who baptized Juan 1. That’s going to be great. He is just looking for a wife so he can have that eternal family. It’s so cute! He is going to be a great member.

I used all my energy within two days of the week. We fasted on Tuesday because we didn’t have time to eat, had no dinner scheduled. Well it worked really well. A lesson cancelled and our member who had gone out with us remembered 10 different families she wanted us to visit but just didn’t have addresses for. At the end we were exhausted after going around. Also ate dinner with the same member on Saturday. We came in the middle of her dying her hair with another member… It was kind of strange and very unexpected.

Thursday we had a couple extra minutes, we prayed to find someone new because the person we tried to see wasn’t home. We tried a house on the same block, a lady was sitting out front. We asked if she knew the neighbor we were looking for. She didn’t but she did know of the missionaries because her family is LDS. What?! She was great! I am really excited to go back and see her.

Also we randomly saw the family I taught back in January the single man, his two girls. Lately a lot of people have asked me about them, he texted us, we’ve seen them crossing the street a lot. When we saw them I finally decided that I can’t keep running into them on coincidence. They gladly welcomed us back. So we have a catch-up lesson this week. I really hope that things work out for them! I know that they can, we’re out here rocking Rimgrove!

Con amor,
Hermana Laura Johnson




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