Week 25: Six Months


Hey all,

So I am six months old!! Just one year left…. Ahhh so much more to do!

This week… not too exciting. Oh wait, I’m training all by myself! I’m in charge! It’s been different but a good different. It’s definitely helping my companion talk more with just two of us. And actually we had a great week! The best on my mission! We had five new investigators and a ton of lessons!! It was wonderful! It was unexpected too. Our investigators are the family of a current investigator, it will be interesting because the family is separated… yeah. Very interesting.

General conference! Nothing too much stuck out to me. I didn’t think there was too much counsel, it really was about teaching the doctrine. The doctrine was focused on chastity, eternal families. There definitely will be a lot of problems with chastity, those problems are only getting worse!

Also, this week we got lost for an hour trying to get to dinner. That moment definitely reminded me I do not know Spanish yet, especially over the phone! I did not understand anything from that phone conversation. She tried telling us her number where she lives…. yep got nothing. The Elders didn’t have her address either so that stunk! We eventually found her waiting for us by a gas station. Oh well.

We have two baptisms in a couple weeks. I’m really excited! Not so much about the planning of them though. They are both super excited for baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost. It will be super great. (Wow I have awful vocabulary… super awesome/excited/great, do I say anything else?!?)

It was fun at Conference, so many missionaries were together at the stake center. We ate lunch with H Jardon and her new companion H Johnson! That’s right her second companion with the same name, and she’s training her! It’s hilarious how the situation is so similar. Things are all going good!

Sorry I don’t have anything interesting this week. Maybe next week! Here’s pictures!

Hermana Laura Johnson



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