Week 24

This week… 

I’m staying in RIMGROVE! Woohooo! We figured out the next transfers are May 13th… So that means I’ll know May 11th, right before my birthday what’s going on. I think that might be awful but we’ll see. If I leave I’ll have to say good bye to everyone on my b-day 😦 But we’ll see, that’s awhile away! H LaPierre is going to Pomona, just 6 weeks here! And I’m sticking around with H Stohlton! It’s going to be good!!!!

The talent show. Dang. It was hilarious! It was the worst run talent show I have ever been to but the funniest. Many reasons why: 

  • One of the old ladies fell over a chair when they turned the lights off, her nachos flew all over her. During one act, we cleaned cheese off of her jacket.
  • None of the acts went in order
  • Everyone wanted to read poems…. One was super passionate, it was a little scary
  • Two little girls sang “call me maybe” to their dad! Creepyish
  • We tried to sing a T.Swift song using helium but it didn’t work for us… Everyone thought we sang really good. Not what we were going for…
  • There were kids crawling around on the gym floor
  • The Elders were running in and out
  • One of the kids did Gongham style (? I can’t even remember what it’s called) And he legit did it. It surprised us a lot
  • During the RS samba, everyone wore matching costumes except for one lady in a fluorescent joker outfit… She didn’t have a different part or anything. It was hilarious

Good thing the credit and planning go to the Elders and not us! At least everyone enjoyed it! Our investigator Juan came just to laugh at us!

Also, we got permission to do ZUMBA (as a finding activity)! I loved it and pretty much died, I worked out harder than I have in so long! I was soooo sore the next day.

We went and had wings this week, They were disgustingly messy, yet super delicious!

We are teaching English to a neighborhood… Yep. We went to see one guy, and did it outside. We attracted a crowd. Now we have 5 new investigators! Awesome sauce! My favorite part about English class was how one guy pronounced neighbor–naked!! It was so funny! Then in English class I fell off my chair because it broke, and flew into the brick wall. They keep making fun of me when I sit down now, asking if I need help or anything.

We went to a party and met a couple less actives that we didn’t know about. It was so great, random. It was at the party a couple of our investigators had for their daughter. They also made us set up some of the tables, tried to give us beer… Interesting.

Things are getting good around Rimgrove! I hope everyone is doing well at home! Love you all!

Hermana Laura Johnson




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