Week 23

Hey all,

Interesting news… We went to mission conference last week and were told about a couple of changes in the mission.

Starting in June, and a little before, our mission will be trying to get rid of cars!!! Seriously! The sisters will be able to keep them for the nights in dangerous areas, but other than that, nothing! And another thing… The Chino area Spanish speaking will stay in our mission but the English area is moving. This means that 14-16 Elders and Sisters will be moving to the new Rancho Cucamunga Mission. They’re supposed to be all English speaking but you never know.

This is the last week of the transfer! We have 5 new sisters coming in, meaning everyone is training except one companionship. This basically leads to me either staying and training H. Stohlton or opening up a new area and training at the same time! We’ll see what happens. I don’t want to leave Rimgrove (my first area) yet! I just barely figured out everything here, am friends with all the members. Also opening a new area?!? That scares me!

So what did I do this last week? 

  • I ate a raw oyster with chili and salt. I was two seconds from throwing up but somehow swallowed it. The person who made it for me put way too much chili on it and I seriously started crying, from spiciniess and laughing too much. Never again.
  • I went on exchange to East LA. It was so awesome! I learned so much, and it was fun to get to meet new people.
  • We had mission conference
  • We unclogged our shower drain the night before exchanges. We pulled out this giant hairball!! It was the size of a rat or something. It was nasty! 
  • Our investigator Juan came to church, and to a baptism, on his birthday!! He is looking good for baptism on the 21st of April!!
  • We have another investigator, Temos, who has a date for the same day!! Also he couldn’t call us from his phone, he had to use someone else’s phone to call us. So he couldn’t tell us he got lost going to church. Culprit? We think it’s Satan.
  • Also we have someone we’re working with who we call “Jose bench press” because we don’t know his last name and we met him while he was using a bench press. Super random/awesome.

Well that’s it!! Love you all!

Hermana Laura Johnson



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