Week 22

Hola todos!

Life is good here in Rimgrove as always.

I think I’ve mentioned the weird things Oswald texts us before. To preface, he is like our BFF, he just texts us the random things he hears or finds on a daily basis. Here is one he just barely sent: “The actor who was cast to play Satan on The History Channel’s mini-series “The Bible” looks EXACTLY like President Obama!” Oh, and last week he told us about the new pope, except what he said was, “A new poop has been elected!” We about died!!

We had the funniest roleplay the other day. (Yes we do roleplays to practice our Spanish, and to simulate scenarios that we might be in). We came in for the night and our apartment was stinky from whatever was in the trash. H. Stohlton commented on it during the roleplay, she asked why it stunk so bad. Then we laughed until H LaPierre cried. Then H Stohlton said “Sometimes our sins can be as stinky as trash.” H. LaPierre used her tears, and talked about her “stinky smoking problem.” We learned that talking about trash in a contact doesn’t really work…

We put a note with some balloons on the door of an investigator. One of the balloons flew at me and popped in front of my face. I screamed because it was unexpected, and a little girl from the apartment across the sidewalk opened the blinds in confusion. We would have contacted that apartment if she wasn’t Asian!

We have a baptismal date for our investigator Juan 2 for the middle of April. He has a hard time reading but regardless, he read what we gave him, and he really connected to baptism. He loved 3 Nephi 27:20 which talks about being without stain. Before, he told us he only has time on weekends. Yesterday he said he has a two hour break between his two jobs, and would love to see us sooner. We are very excited for his progress, and we can already see him starting to change! 

The funny part about our two Juans is that they are now BFFs. Juan 1 even texted us this week, and called himself Juan 1.

We did no car Friday and it was so great!! We walked so much, I felt so free!! Then at the end we had agua de sandilla or watermelon water! Just blend up some watermelon with a bit of water. It is delicious! 

Also sketch moment last week. Our less active guy told us to wait two seconds, then he went around the house and disappeared. We thought he was grabbing his girlfriend or baby, since there is another apartment in the back where the family lives. H LaPierre heard an engine start though… Super awkward/sketchy.

“So he’s pro-wrestler gone preacher?” -Me
“I could do that! Wait uhhh…” -H LaPierre

Here’s another Oswald quote to end this email, “I’d like to see David Copperfield turn water into wine or feed thousands from just a handful of fish.”

Hermana Laura Johnson




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