Week 21

Hey you peeps! 

I’m assuming a lot of people heard about the announcement over the policy change for email. If not, oh well, the announcement means I can email you now! Which is great, as long as I use my time on here wisely–I can write my mission president, weekly email and friends! I’m not guaranteeing my letters to individuals will be long, but often more than the every month or so!

This week… not sure exactly everything I want to say so maybe bullet points?!

  • New companion! Hermana Stohlton from Utah. The first 19 year old sister in the mission! She’s cute, reminds me a lot of my friend Brooke Adams from BYU (shout out to her if she’s reading!)
  • Right place, right time story–Except not what you think. We were in an area and we saw our investigator walking by, we hadn’t been able to see her so we chatted. Then asked if she really had interest, which she didn’t, so… we dropped her. Usually those stories are much more exciting
  • Am I slowing becoming Latina? Yes. Cravings for corn tortillas, tacos, quesadillas… yuuuuum
  • Juan got the Holy Ghost yesterday! Woohooo! He also got the priesthood, which was a surprise to us. We didn’t know they could get it so soon! He was funny about it, he didn’t say it like this exactly but totally should have, “Did you guys hear that I got ‘it’?” “Got what?” “The power of God!”
  • Looking on my journal from Monday, apparently “this (missionary work) is all a big lesson, with so many applications for the future.” Life right now is crazy insane. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time but it all gets done and works out. Everything I learn here I am going to use, even if I can’t see it. I am changed for the better. I am not who I was before, and I am currently in that ‘conversion’ process, which is why it is so hard. Life is all about growing right? And that doesn’t happen when we’re comfortable!
  • I don’t think I ever mentioned the dead rat we found at Oswald’s house. But yes, a dead rat was just chilling in his shed, and luckily Hna LaPierre tossed it out, not me!
  • Also, on Saturday we were stuck outside from 1 1/2 hours with a fridge! Some guy from Home Depot dropped off a fridge in his forklift and left! He drove that thing down the road apparently! We waited until the Elders came to help us install the new one. Then we left the old one outside, and it was gone when we got back. Well it was just going to the dump anyways!
  • Also I ate some kind of fish and didn’t throw up! It was insanely seasoned which is what saved me. We all three looked at each other in alarm when we saw it, none of us like fish!

Much love,

Hermana Laura Johnson



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